The North American Bitcoin Conference 2018 (Miami, FL) LIVE With Chat!

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What happened to the video?

Hell Yes I UP Voted this since Omar is the BEST coverage for Crypto's on STEEMIT and all other Social sites. Please Show lots of LOVE for what he is doing to Travel the World to bring us the FIRST in News about Intangible Coins !

It is really good the way you are giving a good message to the world. I love this your crypto video.

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yeah great....
we are ready to here...
just love to read your post..

That's a great crypto video one..Thanks for sharing this post..I appreciate your post...
Upvote and resteemit ...Done..👈👈👈👈☺☺
I will wait for your new video....

Wow!This video amazing.i like it..Thanks for sharing this video...resteemit done.

well for share it with us miami boy omar.. and good experience to watch this live and also good thing that you share from there with us and chance to watch this live hope it will give strong support to btc and if btc gain with this all market gain price value...i alwasy liike your work with videos to talk on whole crypto daily issues and give your reviews and opinions...
keep it up for give newest updates us always miami boy @crypt0

Thank you for sharing I like your video

I have always been against automatic vote, if you really build relationships with other users, it implies the reading of their materials and live comments on the subject.

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Good information and very interesting,you are doing very perfectly and great. This will help us to make video easier for us to understand that. Thank you for sharing

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This is a great video of crypto news, i like this post. upvote amd resteemer done

Its a amazing video and good for us thanks

Thanks for sharing crypt0 ! Good information and very interesting.

Thanks for sharing with those of us who couldn't make the conference. I can't wait to hear your report(s)!

thank you for information read your post very all pleased me, you had conducted tedious work above his creation

Thanks for great informative video post.

Thanks for sharing Like the video and the information it contains

have a great day with cryptocurrency,.....

thank's for sharing


well its more good to give this live streaming from this great confrence in miami great work @omar and i am feel exciting to watch confrence live to listen all thier talk and feel that we are now part of this conference and thier talk and showing structure and graph of blockchains is more good for understand this ...and good to see thier team

I already knew you were a very compassionate person willing to help out. This was another great thing you have done to make a difference. I hope this inspires for all of us
and hope it will increase the btc value now soon and also with btc all market increased marketcap many high

This is really good one.So much educative value.Go ahead making such a video.This message reach whole over the world

woww. güzel video. paylaşımınız için teşekkür ederim

Truly I UP Voted this since Omar is the BEST scope for Crypto's on STEEMIT and all other Social destinations. It would be ideal if you Show bunches of LOVE for what he is doing to Travel the World to present to us the FIRST in News about Intangible Coins

incredible information about the North American Bitcoin Conference 2018, and I've seen the post vidio @crypto post, thank you very much

This video of your post is very beautiful and very great

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Omar, can you pipe the sound in through the sound system?
The echo makes it extremely hard to understand accents.

yeeeeeeeeeeeeey, got to resteem, thnx ;)

incredible information about the North American Bitcoin Conference 2018, and I've seen the post vidio @crypto post, thank you very much for the vidio distribution and please permit to follow the @crypto commander in upvoted and resteem / esteem.

wow nice video
thank you @crypt0 for sharing

The hosts voice sounds a bit like yours Omar!

Hopefully the price action of the day is allowing the attendees to actually learn instead of have their faces glued to their price trackers, lol. Hope you have a blast in Miami bro!

Gold bars ain't real if they're just paper promises, true.

Thanks for covering this, Omar. Much appreciated being a fly on the wall.

Dang when the heck was this! I Live here lol

thanks for sharing thisssssssss!

I am hoping soon to be able to go to these events and meet the light minded people who seek freedom, love and safety for every person in the world no matter what they are and where they are from

Hey are you going to the Dallas conference next month?

First-rate crypto video one..thanks for sharing this post:):):)
Thanks for sharing us :)

@Resteem.jpg 3.jpg

Glad he got the stream and bringing this to us but I most say it was too many ICOs.

crypt0 Power!!!!!

great and interesting video.........///////

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