The Bitcoin Cash / Bitcoin / Dash / Ethereum / Bitcoin Gold / SingularDTV Saga

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good post...please follow me

Hi I started not to long ago to invest in crypto and ICO's and damn this market is volatile!
The upside thing though is that there are guys like you that have a lot of knowledge, experience and are always up to date with all the market details saving guys like me a lot of research time.
Thanks for the great, informative, and clearly explained content you deliver.
Keep on! =D

It's so much more fun to just sit back and hold EOS knowing it will outperform both of those platforms in one year.

I think too EOS is a good investment. Just but some and HOLD.

Great piece man! Not going to lie, I'm a little concerned about BCH. Sold most to tether today before I took too much of a loss. Bought back in lower and wondering where it's going to go from here. But the fork tomorrow gives me a bit of optimism.

I don't know what the hell is going on either. That was a giant pump to $2500 that is now sitting at about $1400. That is some crazy volatility.

I think it's going to have another rally. I'm just confused by the whole thing. Not 100% sure about what's going to happen next and it's making me a little nervous. lol
My transactions weren't going through last night, so I lost about 8 grand overnight as I slept. haha

Crap! $8000 makes my loss a little more easier to swallow.

You can really feel the slowness of btc once you're trying to get rid of them as dump is ongoing and you're waiting for confirmations. Doesn't really feel like "the future" at all at that point.

Ethereum has been stable all this time at 300$, I feel like it could surprise us all in the coming year.

love your stuff man @crypt0 always insightful and easily accessible stuff!

Would love to get you on our show, Crypto Nights - latest episode has done pretty well on Steemit!

Drop me an email on [email protected] to arrange this.


Omar. We need you back in the states and do the daily youtube updates for us. These past three weeks you being gone feels like we are left behind in the crypto space.

great vid man! there's no way bcash will flip the real bitcoin. Ethereum is the only coin that could do it one day in the future.

So much going on in the crypto space. There were a lot of surprises this week. Never a dull moment.

Hi Omar, you should also make a vblog on Litecoin. It will be an invincible crypto in coming months. Almost all features which many coins have combined.
Also take a look at my recent post on Litecoin if you like;

Thanks for sharing the great crypto content always. Cheers!!!

Excellent work!

Bitcoin has become a game changer in the investment arena, investors are now turning to crytocurrencies as a means to return on investment.

Years back in 2010 with just $1,000 you could have purchase 333,333 bitcoins if there were no fees. And assuming that investment was not tourched by the 1st November one would have amassed $2.2billion in wealth.

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Very informative post! Thanks for sharing !.

nice video man!
liking the laid back vibes lol
followed you and hopefully you would follow back and check out my posts,
thanks in advance.

Lots of good info..... Thanks for posting

Thanks, this helped a lot!

Very good post.
I have Resteem and Upvote your article for progress and forward together.

Awesome Job! Really helpful, keep it up dude !

Thanks for sharing the video....

It's help to us. Thanks for share with us this.

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Thanks @crypt0 , success work!


How are you brother

it is great video for me in bitcoin and cryptocurrency system.

interesting video. Thanks!

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thank you for all your great insight man !!

Thank you for posting lots of content and effort in all the posts you do on steemit 👌🏼look forward to the next post .......

Well summed up.

Good info. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing the video

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