Tai Fu Index / ICOs Crashing ETH's Price? / Consensys Diligence / IRS Coinbase & Blockfolio Updates

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Great work bro.


I've got an idea on how to invest btc

Thank you for sharing this valuable information.

Another great stream Omar! Thanks so much for all you do and for doing it so regularly. I have added Crypt0sNews to my nightly routine along with Fast Money and Mad Money :) Keep up the great work!


Oh, and thanks for recommending the TaiFu Index - it's a great concept, similar to one I've been working on myself - watching them now and they seem legit


"along with Fast Money and Mad Money :)"

Hat tip to you good sir if this was satire.

If it wasn't, erm, well:

"Bear Stearns. Cramer recommended buying this stock on 8/17/07 at $118.20 per share. He lost 95 percent on this one - selling at just under $6 per share on 3/20/08."

"SmartMoney magazine did a big article on Cramer in the 1990s, which purported to show what a great stock picker he was with the hedge fund that he ran at the time. The article stated Cramer's supposedly high hedge fund returns. However, when I inquired, I learned that all of those returns were self-reported by Cramer."

Ah, what a coincidence. I guess printing the actual records would have been a hassle...

Lots more at: https://www.erictyson.com/articles/20080922


cramer has been down to the felt and back with his funds. it's pretty easy to maintain a "charitable trust" when your getting cash inflows on the reg.

he also swung all those huge numbers during the dot-com bubble.



lol - don't believe everything you find on the internet.

I've learned a ton about trading and investing from regularly watching both Fast Money and Mad Money over the past 10+ years with nice, profitable results. I invite you to watch them regularly for at least a month and then I'd be happy to discuss further. :)


pretty sure he disclaimer says his show is literally for entertainment purposes only.

and if you learned so much from fast money you'd be buzzing around talking about derivative spreads.

you wanna talk CDO's and swaps while im up? or how about triangular arbitrage and then calculus behind that?

i was biting my tongue until you said the word result and not process. your result means nothing relative to the most successful hedge funds and their algo's.

i'm happy for your short term success, but it's the result of most everything hitting all time highs every other day.

You're more than welcome to your opinion and that's part of what this "decentralized" platform is about.

there's a line, and mine and most on here would likely agree that you retract any financial advice you offered (aka watching a show, again, literally for entertainment only). it's nonsense and tbh, you should delete it before someone start mirroring their trades and looses everything.

show me the calculus and graph behind a butterfly spread and what slingin puts accomplishes with todays paper in front of your bloomberg terminal. that's when you get to start touting finance.

my next post: a twitter poll showing the correlation between those that watch cramer and stephen a smith.

oh, and i'm upvoting your comment. not because it deserves it, but incase some poor soul follows your advice they heed caution when they see mine.


Clearly you are a more experienced trader than I - I don't even know what triangular arbitrage is, let alone how to describe it. For those of us who are not as experienced BOTH shows are worth watching, IMO. YMMV

My channel. My people. Our community. Good evening or good morning.

I will make the next one...

Stalking ya!! I just started following your live channel :) I was like' "How do I keep missing them" when I'm sitting at the comp.. lol
Keep up the great work and Thank you for always being REAL!!

I like the Tai Fu Index information. Give me some mo of dat cyrpto's news!



LOVE it :D Thanks mate, just shared this on Twitter


Anytime Crypt0!

Thanks @crypt0 Surely I will follow you. These are all most valuable information you have given to us.

Crypt0, thanks a lot for your content! You really help the crypto community.

Great video @crypt0 - your videos always provide the latest and most helpful information on all things crypto, so I really appreciate these awesome videos as always.

Been following you since YouTube and great to see you on Steemit skyrocketing to the moon! This is for sure the only news I need to watch every day - who needs CNN, MSNBC or any of those scripted networks when you have Crypt0 News! Thanks @crypt0, keep up the excellent work!

_Steemians can someone please help.... _
I am about to take the next step and build a mining rig. This is my first rig so needing a help is a must. I know my Steemit family can help me. Does anyone have any recommendation for someone that is just starting?... I have been trading cryptos for some time, but I am ready to get dirty and mine some coins.

Any wish list of products I should buy? Thanks you all :)


Its really hard to get hold of cheap cards now. If you going to start i recomend to have some pc skillz, its going to be really hot. Buy good quality power supply so you dont blow out.
My best tip is to use the mine as a longtime investment and mine coins with low difficulty you belive in.

Specific hardwhare, you have to go on forums and take a long read.


Im the type of person that researches A LOT before making any decisions...Im also very bullish long term on the industry so I wouldn't expect quick money.

I wouldn't really say pc skills lol, but I have a good knowledge. I would probably look at better quality cards, long term investment.


Getting hold of any amd card is hard right now. Ita a mining bubble^^


I know!! I saw this coming so I invested in INVIDIA as a company about 2 years ago. At that time I started reading into mining but thought that would be the better investment.... I just think it is time to try to get into the mining game. At least as a expensive hobby lol $$



Its really helpful.
Hope the bitcoin will also rise again after the issues gets resolved.
The developers are thinking to hard fork it.
Once we get a new optimized bitcoin, the price of bitcoin will again start rising. :)

As a result of that the other coins like etherium, light coin and even steem will also get benefitted.

Thanks for this nice video. :)

Heyy from Lauren and me :)


Miss you guys- hi back...hope things are better than ever!


Things are great! We have two extra tickets to Collision Conference if you and Elle want to come, I'll text you 😀


hey crypt0,

i have watched you on youtube all year and have now joined Steemit. Ill make sure I follow you here......and thanks so much for all your youtube videos. I have learnt so much and made some nice profits as well :-)

Thanks for sharing. It's really nice to have an index like that now :)


Thank you so much for sharing this great info. Appreciate it!


Lots of great content in a condensed form. Thanks for the updates

Thats great information and i will follow you here as well as on YouTube channel too so i get updates of this kind of crypto currency because i dont know much about it but from here get lot to know and lot to learn about this kind of stuff. Nice posts

Interesting, wasnt aware EOS could be the reason for eth decline. 🙈

I'm making the crypto world friendly and accessible for everybody by explaining acronyms and terms related to cryptocurrency. Please upvote for visibility.

Here I found:

ICOInitial Coin Offering is a means of crowdfunding the release of a new cryptocurrency, which tokens being sold to raise money for technical development
ETHEthereum token
IRSInternal Revenue Service is the revenue service of the United States federal government

If there are any missing terms here you want to be added to the database, please comment, so I'll become better.

Great information. Thanks for sharing.

Well, I dont think this is a correction no more. This is actual drop. Hope I am wrong as we all want... #tothemoon

definately a correlation

Great info, listening to on my way back home

haha,... great. Do you even need donations while steemit is going well? :-)

Keep it up!

@crypt0 it is nice to see you are pulling alot of weight here now from youtube.

I met you in youtube and saw when you joined here and struggled for earning.

I was suprise to see you in the class of dolphins already. Congratulations. Consistency will always pay.

Awesome video brotha always enjoy the information you always bring! ICO should increase the ETH price, as some of the big ones are asking for ETH as a payment.

Thank you for sharing your research and experience. Upvoted , and resteemed. :) Keep up the great work.. Looking forward to your next post. :)

Ok, after listening to this I guess I'll just hold on to the little Steem I have, it's not much but I'll wait for the come back. Who know maybe it will rebound.

nice sharing....dude...

great info, thanks for sharing :)

Thanks as usual for great information. I recently weighed in on another possible reason for the recent downturn of the market and would love your feedback on it.


IRS can succ my dicc

Good information.

Thanks for another extremely informative video.

we had 48 days (8 weeks) of grow and 25 days (4 weeks) of fall. its about 1/2 (50%), so if the middle of pump is about 220, we will see rise(to 320 and may be more) of price this week.


Interesting analysis but I think the price can go any direction.

you are the best
tanx crypto news

Is Amanda still going to be the Dash girl? We all wanna know. haha

Damn, $500+ in less than 5 mins. Insane!!!!

Great show as always. I agree and don't necessarily think EOS is a scam, but that being said I don't think its a good ICO to get into either. Just my 2 cents...

I agree that doing good for the world is important thanks for telling me about consensus.

Very helpful and understandable even for me as beginner!

ICO's crashing all crypto market.. it is just insane.. :) Although you can earn a lot from that volatility.

Thank you so much @crypto so much Info. Keep doing what you do

Thanks. Omar, the Tai Fu index is useful since all my cryptos are in the top 30 crytocurrencies market. You just need to look at the index if it's Sale day or not 😁

very great information and thank you for sharing with us.................

Great video! The TaiFu index will really come in useful.

I've just written a post explaining the Bitcoin white paper.

Feel free to check it out :)


Wow very interesting post and really well written.
I've had a nice time reading it, thanks :D

A lot of good information in one place.
Keep up the great work.

Good video! Taifu is super legit it has alot of info i would have to search 20 pages for all on 1! ty


Where does one buy the Taifu index?




Okay, thanks.

Ty for updating me on whats going on :D Great job!

Want to point out that ICOs will suppress the price of ETH even if they sell off market, as there is 99% chances the people they sell to would have brought on an open market otherwise.

BITCOIN, why u no go up ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

BITCOIN, why u no go up ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Hey Crypt0,
the new background is nice,
but I think me and my friends enjoy seeing your living room with your cute dog going crazy in the background,
it gives your videos a more of a down to earth look,
just a suggestion,
Hope that helps.

I dig your positivity regarding the future, and I agree that blockchain tech should bring about a better world. Cheers!

ce trebu sa mai postam ?

Keep up all the great work Crypt0, been following you for a while now on YT and rarely do I see someone on your level of down-to-earth attitude and knowledge. Keep on Keepin on.

that s wonderful that i found you

subbed and followed.
would love to know where you got that shirt

You among many others are the reason why I have gained so much knowledge in cryptocurrency and more. Thank you for all the time that have given to educate us. I up-voted for you and I am following you. Aloha and have a wonderful evening.

Thanks for the work you do each day. I wake up and check to see you and suppoman first thing each day. You are by far the best youtube crypto analyst. Im glad to see you being rewarded on steemit.

You're my Hero! What your info Feels like as its delivered to my skull

Only the latest news in the world of crypto currency!!! Subscribe to Forklog news..

love to watch your videos :)

Nice post ... following you.

informative stuff dud

nice. thx a lot!

Thank god I don't use Blockfolio

This is good article.

Appreciate the info and the insight about ICO's hurting ETH. I seemed to think that ICO's would pump ETH but it does make sense that the developers would subsequently cash in their newly earned ETH.

Thanks a lot for sharing its informative great work

Awesome job Crypt0!

The constant ICOs are literally drowning ethereum in its own sauce, theyre creating hype, and when the hype bubbles pops, so down goes the price of ETH

@crypt0 thanks for information. Good post

Brilliant video!
Thanks brother. See you around. :)

nice reporting! upvoted and followed :)
p7irjw for a genesis discount if anyone would like to spread the love

Nice one keep posting =)

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your page is good !!

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Thank you very much for this post

Thank you very much for this post

rock on buddy

Thanks bro.. I like it..

Wow, what are the IRS playing at? No way they're getting that kind of information out of coinbase or any other financial institution. Sounds like a shot in the dark to see what kind of response they get, but you're right Omar, Coinbase could be putting money into more useful things than defending against this.

In terms of private keys, might as well post them on Facebook as hand them over.

Another informative video though, keep up the good work!

nice work bro although i am still kinda new to this platform so i was directed to you through a friend and i must say thats one hell of a great content


Love this.

@crypt0 great post thanks for sharing , I'll be thankful if you would like to listen to my musics.

Good information. Followed!

nice post.....
wish you all the best...

Another great video and enjoy the info, even though i don't understand everything. Im slowly getting there.
I did use the info on one of your videos to purchase Veritaseum using Ether Delta.

The purchase went fine using Metamask and when i hit the little info button on the MetaMask drop down i can see the tokens on the etherscan.io

I do need some HELP though!

Is there anything else i need to do or are they stored here?
Do i need to move them into the MetaMask Wallet or another Wallet?
I have MetaMask and Jaxx wallets on my computer?
Any help or a link to some board that i may find answers would be greatly appreciated.
I am not a computer genius like you guys so please go soft on me

Crypt0 ist the best!

Quite informative.

I hope they win the battle with the IRS...

another nice vid, thanks!

Great video! Thanks Crypt0

looks like i better learn what your teaching and start reading these links - good on you - i enjoyed the video and am now following you - you welcome to check out my paintings and music if your interested -David

thank you to share this business with me

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what a great post! give us more, upvoted