Should We Sell Our Alt-Coins?! Will New Money Ever Enter Crypto Again??

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I have not investing in any crypto trading but with my 44 days in steemit, I have learned enough to start investing. By Tuesday I will launch in my first deal. Your post and other posts on steemit are my reference . Thanks

I can relate, but I still feel that I have to learn a bit before starting investments. Good luck with your first deal!

@priceso Reddcoin is dirt cheap at the moment and it is bringing updates soom that may increase the value.
Find out more about each crypto on

LOL. Was thinking the same thing. All the altcoins that I bought so far are negative. But I'm not selling. Hold! :)
I'm new on Steemit so if you could visit my blog, that would be helpful.

I just followed you :) -- welcome to STeemit --

like you said, I'm holding - this is a long term game and we are all in early as far as I see it.

Amazing work @crypt0 as always

Nice post, I'm very worried about my altcoins.

what are some of the atls you are worried about??


I'm holding all of those but IOTA :: only one of these I'm sorta worried about is NEO; but not sure, i like how they're allowing us to stake and get Free GAS -- may have a future once China gets themselves together.

really a really cool video. but sorry i can not speak english. but I will share your post. and I will also join the group through the link you share. because next I will learn it. i like your post. thank my friend. i always follow you. by, @boyasyie

I think altcoins are good but only in certain times. Like when ethereum came out that was an obvious time to buy. Ico's seem really profitable aswell. As for pof coins I think most of them are bad. Anything with a high inflation rate is bad.

Alts had a pretty amazing run this year. There was no way it was going to keep that up. We need new money to enter the crypto world and we also need some of the alts to start delivering on their business models. I also think that the BTC hardforks are taking money away from alts. 2018 should be good for the "good" alts.


Thanks for the advice. Trying to time the market is frustrating, let alone the crypto market!

Just one BIG ADVICE.. if you sell now you will miss the opportunity to own something like the "gold-rush" era back then.

The same thing happen in the "dot com domain" era in 90s when people keep telling .COM domain is not for investment. Now premium domains are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions.

Now is the "cryptocurrency era".. what are you gonna do?

exactly just hodl and prepare to buy if its drops :D

@crypt0 smashing it again. Research and patient play my friends. We all know this crypto is gonna be a crazy ride.

Diversifying and hodling is the best strategy @crypt0 :) Patience is the best thing to do.

Good time to take that internet vacay...

Great video.

the upcoming bitcoin fork has us on hold, action for alt coins till after the bitcoin fork. Crazy that one coin can hold us up..

I currently have iota, ripple,litecoin, omg and steem.
I plan to hold them all.
I think they have a very bright future

i pass my time on steemit no sell alt it will increase after frok 16 nov

Great works, I wish you success

a very good post I like the friend thanks for sharing

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Wonderful post. M contrasting about alt-coins

really cool video..Amazing work @crypt0

I am still very new to Steam and Cryptocurrencies, but I have already seen where what you are saying is true. It is good to know my instincts were correct. I am sitting on the majority of my coins and waiting till the time is right, while playing (day trading) with a small amount of coins. having a GREAT time and making a little money on most days so I am happy!

crypto is a best way to making money thanks for your good information

Nice post...Very good video.Thanks for sharing @crypt0

I hold my alt coins at all :)
diversity! :)

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nice bro. I hoop you upvote and following me.

Very good video.

New money is what we need not the same bunch of crypto nerds with low paying jobs amiright?

every month, more and more new money comes into the space.

Woww... nice post @crypt0 i resteemit you post....

Hey man, thanks for the insight and the work you put into these vids. While I know you don't see yourself as an advisor, I feel as though many of us look to you for leadership...I for one will hold on to my alt coins, I view them as a long term play...will keep following your advice buddy! Cheers crypt0

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Thanks for your valuable information again and again really useful for us :)

Nice post,,,,,,,
The news is true.........../////////

Terimakasih telah berbagi

helpfull videos to cryptocurrency

Hey Crypto, I think youd like this newsletter thats why im sharing :)!

ELIXIR wil be a good coin to invest in!!

I definitely recommend Kucoin for trading. Discounted fees right now and since they are based in china its going to explode when the country can trade ICO's again. heres a link if anyone is going to sign up -

Hodl strong bois!

I love your vibe dude! You always have such a great attitude and put off nothing but good energy. I feel we will all be able to live in freedom one day. Thanks for another great video. Respect!!!

hai sir please give me some

Nope. Not scared. So far, I mostly have ethereum and litecoin, but I'm about to buy some alt coins. So much can change in a year's time in cryptoland! I look forward to the ride :)

dude, I'm NOT Even considering selling my alts; I'm trying to diversify into even more Alts soon as bitcoingGold gets itself together; and hope bitcoinCash continues to shoot up too; I'm already winning on holding my #Vertcoin ::: currently at $5.11 and I caught it around $0.40 :: Wish I grabbed more at that price; and that is how I view these Alts; when prices go down - if I really believe in the tech; I'm looking at pocketing more - #hodl

Nice post

i followed you and upvote you will you???

Great Video! I totally agree with you. I have my portfolio diversified and short term momentum of Bitcoin is not going to change my long-term strategy. Let's just Hodl and buy the dips :)

much needed @crypt0! i was asking my friends why we continue to hold alts as the big three outperform and our alts are down or flat. i'm gonna take your advice and just be patient.

Nice videos ...
Thanks for sharing


hi,crypt0,nice to read about you.
am jeevansantoshi from india,am also new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.
i have followed you.So,can also follow me.
Best of luck!

I have nothing invested yet, just starting, but my plan is to hold some cryptos, if only one is 500 times the value in a year, then the others could be negative.

Nice post.

Pretty cool, a nice strategy to consider

there will still be some many alt coins out in the market

Right before the fork happens will be the best time to buy alts. OMG, NXS, ARK, SALT, NEO, XLM, PIVX, and even VERGE will go up big time. Personally Im going with OMG and PAY since those are what I want the most of.

You can watch the block that Bitcoin is currently on by searching google . They even have countdown timers til Segwit2x that can be used. Soon as that block gets mined, Bitcoin will drop big time, from people buying Alts at really cheap prices. Some are STEALS now and they will go down even further before the fork.

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