Segwit2x: What's Happening To Your BTC? / IOT Alliance = WOW! / No-Fiat App / Much More Epic News!

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Hi ,
Thanks for sharing


Great links, my friend

Great post

Would be amazing to get some big players interviewed by you. Its easy to see how cryptos may have changed a great way! Same with me.. Eill keep an eye on link... Probably wait this fud goes away. Thanks man!

Wonder if they will split.

Will the bears win the next breakout?

Keep up the good work Omar! We all appreciate the dedication


Always good info CryptO, thanks for your great insight

Just hold onto your bitcoins and if the fork really happens, you may end up getting another form of bitcoin.

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Btc is anti fragile, so these jokers can keep on trying to over turn it, but they won't succeed. I just wish we were all working together to fight the bankers, fiat and the control they have over the world. Instead of arguing about the issues of moving forward. A lot of people have no ideals about Btc, and crypto's, it's just about making money, and that is a shame, but no surprise.

Good information by you always

Big Linked post. Really helpful dear.

keep going on great job buddy ;-)

Good post...About Segwit2X and What Does it Mean for Bitcoin

Wonderfull subject 😍

Great video @crypt0!

its great to see your video updates :)

Nice info, since some news/article about SegWit contain FUD/hate speech.

Well there is no doubt u did very good job
But here are too much links so i am unable to read everything one by one.
Please keep your post little short and make conclusion is the best way for suggestion to others.

hi dear, you may post an amazing links, that's really helpful content.

thanks for sharing.

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Deal is a Deal.

Another fork? Thanks for the info!

Thank you for another informative video! I hope BTC doesn't drop below $3,000 because we will be screwed.

Nothing can stop Bitcoin. Even Google is accepting Bitcoin now. Check out my post on it.

Love to listen your news!