Segwit2x: REAL Banker TAKEOVER? / Ethereum Metropolis Update Released / Etherparty Beta / Much More!

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►Social Security Numbers Should Go:
►CFTC Writes Letter of Inquiry To Coinbase:
►Bitpay Growing Massively:
►Crimean Government Head Of IT Fired:
►Ross Ulbricht Concedes 48 Million USD
►Ether Party Open Beta Launches Friday:
►Buy a DNS With Ether (EasyDNS):
►Devcon3- Why You Should Care:
►Is Segwit2x The REAL Banker Takeover?:

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Thank you brother. I really appreciate the time you put into researching the crypto space and creating such professional but real videos. The Crypto world is lucky to have you.


that was so awesome!!!! only been involved in crytpo for less than a year and the love support & help from the community is mindblowing. cheers!!!!


hola soy nuevo por aqui necesito un poco de ayuda si me sigues te lo agradecería please

I am just watching your news video, thanks for the information you share. I will continue to see the other side later. Good information to be up to date in the world of Bitcoin and other important topics. See you soon.

thank you for all of your insight. as big of a crypto fan as i am, i don't have the time to delve into it full time. your analysis really helps. i find it educated and intriguing. thanks for sharing all that you do.

thank you for sharing @crypt0 and i read most of these with interest. There is definitely much going on these days.

I watched this episode on YouTube and am grateful for the info. a friend turned me onto this and I am discovering that you are here as well. onward and upward!

thanks for sharing @ crypto

Great info Omar. Seems the bankers are very deep into btc too...will be a long fight to get them out of our lives... Anyway, they dont stand a chance against the blockchain. We will take 'em down, and as you and Jeff say, it will be beautiful, without violence, at least from our side... Thanks!

segwit is comming bitcoingold which exchanges support not clear

Thank you brother. I really appreciate the time you put into researching the crypto space and creating such professional but real videos.

Thank you Bro..good info..God bless you

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I cannot imagine SEGWIT2X being BANKS!!



hey crypt0,,it is so good post .and very needed video.thanks ,,.

May God Bless you and good luck on your future endeavors..
Would follow, upvote and resteem your post.. thank you

That's a great update there thanks for sharing

Social Security numbers are being used in a way that was originally, and still is, against the law. Major Banks are violating the Privacy Act by requiring customers to disclose it.

are you in youtube? if so, I would like your link to follow you there thanks


Just search crypt0. Can't miss his youtube account.

Ya thank you very much for sharing @crypt0

Nice video.., I really want to see more videos regarding the upcoming hard fork on bitcoin this coming November.

great stuff! thanks, @crypto!

good work keep go on

Super app...! Looking at the past track record it's hard to argue with the results. I'm impressed, keep up the good work donation coming your way if this keeps up


This whole segwit2x situation is very scary either way. Shows how much decentralized governance is truly needed.

thank you for your hard work should have seen this video dome day ago!

Big fan here!