Ripple: The New World Order Coin? / BTC's Birthday! / Intel's BIG Mistake / RaiBlock Rebranding?

in crypto-news •  last year

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Ripple needs to stop gaining traction is a bad thing fro crypto it is totally centralized!


If you want to invest and learn Crypto's?
@haejin and/ or


Ripple definitely has a lot of red flags. I wouldn't touch this with a 10 foot pole. Hopefully this is a gateway into better coins. I think we are starting to see dumb money enter the market. Keep your eye on the good projects.


Agreed. It is not a crypto-currency. It is a token issued by a company and it has no association with company's valuation. I hope people understand before getting burnt.


Right on @bitcoinflood. Originally I was thinking it was more of a smaller group of investors putting together backing the surge in value, but the more and I more I think about it is 10-12 heavyweights that are buying into this, running it up, hoping there will be a flood in and re-evaluating whether to be monster holders or casual flippers. A lot of Wall St/establishment backing this run too. I too worry that this becomes centralized in the least bit. Great comment @bitcoinflood!


I agree. Bum also wondering what will happen when people realize there are 60 billion more coins locked up that are not being taken into account for in the total market cap. Also what happens when they decide to unload all those coins? They say they will only release a few at a time but what if they change their minds?


Exacly, its the total opposition of the whole cryptoworld idea. It just shows that people dont totaly understand what cryptocurrencys are trying to achive. They just see some profit...

AMD is just as good as Intel. They are a monopoly!

Very informative news again Omar!

Thanks for the great update. I agree with the Ripple assessment.

Ripple is the biggest scam you can see in the crypto world. It should be dumped now or you will lose a lot of money. The coin has not value, the company is making money using the technology and selling proprietary technology to banks. It has nothing to do with Ripple coin you are buying in market.

appreciate your honesty about rippple! and for setting others straight on your videos and insta live streams. lol let that wisdom sink in everybody! thanks for all that you do Omar <3

Excellent news and effort calculated for you my friend @crypt0

tanx for sharing importent post

@crypt0 Do you think its good for Crypto Market that a bank currency is pumping so hard and every one is investing in it and its smell bad.
The banks are holding BTC and ETH and they are just using Ripple ??
What you think have a look get a better information Brother ?

Suddenly the ripple has increased a lot. Hope this currency will be very good in place of the front.

I was a little late to this on today but got to watch, I dislike ripple very much. I will stick to decentralized currency's. Anyways love the video, Are you the creator of bitcoin? lol Its crazy how much crypto has grown in the last few months. I will continue to support your channel.

Since 2009 ... I think big today is big. It's a good attack. After the tension in recent days, it is the perfect news for investors. And also, why are you afraid of Ripple? As Ripple grows, people will be interested. Everything will be nice .. :)


this blog is really awesome
and informative

I love your perspective!
My friend told me about Bitcoin when it was $110, but i didn't have spare money to invest.So when I saw it was $ 2,200 in June, I started doing my research. I've been throwing myself into the world of Crypto since then.

Nice post.. Thanks for sharing..

Bitcoin's interest is steadily increasing with the market value exceeding 100 billion dollars.This network is now used by 3 million people a day. It is expected that this number will be 200 million in seven years. @crypt0

Excellent video yet again, I always enjoy the crypto news. Happy birthday to bitcoin but those transaction fees should keep going down. BTW who is pumping the very centralized ripple-Ironic.Thanks for always keeping us updated.

like and subs befor watching,,, thanx omar for video,

Man please no ripple being number 1, I'd rather see stellar succeed and I don't even hold that coin. Either way, nice post, I look forward to these now. That reddit post was useful to get some insight.

Thanks for making these!

SWIFT should be swifted into RIPPLE soon for the convenience of the people.

Ripple listed on coinbase soon😁😁😁

Hi @crypt0 I bought some although I know it is centralized I am a newbie and I have invested a small amount to speculate and by into decentralized currencies got to start somewhere.

Thanks for your Cryptocurrency news @crypt0

COUGH iota HAHAHa. I love how you've infused so much entertainment, humor and personality in these very practical/useful recaps. Thanks for the good laugh today and sensible comments about the markets/Ripple.

Dr. Craig "Grant" is satoshi nakamoto.
Love it !
i guess this guy (@craig-grant)would never programm a "blockchain" without a "referral programm". ;)

Happy birthday to BTC also from me;)

Your Live-Show is just brilliant ;) Yes ok, you also have Wallece ;) No, that was a joke, of course you have always very interesting topics around the Blockchain ;)

Ripple is a case in itself ;) I don't want Ripple, there are plenty of other coins and they're decentralized ;)

Stay as you are and go on, please ;) I'll follow you gladly!

Greetings from @fratheone

Ripple needs to stop gaining traction is a bad thing fro crypto it is totally centralized.relly ripple coine is verry good coine..thanks for sharing..

Thank you very much
I am glad I found you article
I am interested in the ripple
I will definitely buy a few and make an exodus wallet too

Thanks again

step 1: stop people buying XRP, step 2: educate them on decentralised tech, step 3: profit karma

good video... shot out to all coins and their projects .... so thank you steemit

Woww,,, nice video dear....
''The New World Order Coin? / BTC's Birthday!''..
So what should we do now? I think we should celebrate 'BTC'S Birthday..
Whats your opinion guys?

Thank your GF for putting me onto your blogs. Awesome vid selection dude!

Great post. I always appreciate your information!

what If banks make XRP the first mass adoption coin? I don't know how would affect that to the market or if it's even possible that ripple can take out bitcoin or other cryptos or their markets caps.