Peyta Ransomware Demands $300 in BTC / China Fintech Framework / Australia-Japan Co Op / Crypto Could Pass 5.4 Trillion Marketcap / More!

in crypto-news •  last year

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Another great vid!

Hmm one side of me shout sell the other side shouting buy haha I m so confused now. Buy sell hodl? What's your strategy Omar?


Haha this is me constantly. I always tend to fall into the hold though.


My strategy is to HODL amounts I'm comfortable losing.
I'm strapped into the cryptos I believe in the most, and waiting for the ride. The ride will go up, in the long run, either way...just gotta stay in the game :)

BTC/ETH/DASH/ZEC primary game..sprinkled with others throughout more sparingly.

Cheers, brother!


i m waiting for the imminent crash u talk about yesterday. and someone told me its gonna happen in about 2 weeks time based on the same time frame of crytocurrency crash back in 2013 December.


funny though, you can't atisipate crashes acurate. If somthing happens you get a panick sell off or you get an surge in price. Big buyer surge in price or big seller if he dumps big fall and a flat stable until buy order is empty then it will bump down or up depending on where people think the price will go. If majority think it will dump it will if majority think it will rise it will. This is why you have regulations in the stock market so one person can't cash all his assets at ones. Early investors bought their assets cheep so they will dump the price to sell off all at ones. People see the dump and do the same and bots or stop loss orders step in and try to cover the loss and boom it hit rock botom. Bitcoin is high in price because people belive it can store their value or rise in value that is why it has value, why anything currency and asset related has value. Of course you have some assets that pay out dividents in both the crypto economy and the normal economy that give the assets some value, that is the only way somthing can be overvalued or undervalued for real, other assets is just pure speculation and story people belive in or don't belive in. Currencies has demand and supply. Demand is the story, supply is how much you can own of the story. A story will unfold is all that you can say about what happens in 2 weeks. The only think that has real value is the work sombody did to create value. You did to if you buy bitcoin now and in 1year bitcoin is worth 10000 dollars everybody is just "sharing a story"that creates value if you sell; most likely at a lower price you are devaluing the currency. Same with dollar and all oder crrencies. To compleate the cryptocurrency revolution you need independent value of tokens either buy dividents or buy have a store that take only lets say dogecoin or a coin just for that store. Then you can buy a jumper with 10 of theese coins. An other store has an other coin and with theese you can buy phone fore 10 of thees coins. Then the shopkeeper at the first store want to buy a phone he need that other coin then he use an decentralised exhange and exhange the coins fore that phone. Let say the phone is worth 10 jumpers. he need 100 of his coins to get 10 the other shops coins and buy the phone. That is real market value. That is how an ideeal world economy world bee like 🌍


Love it omar. Keep up the fantastic work. I have learnt a lot from your content.


Glad to hear it, clouda :) Keep on winning, mate, and thanks for the support!


Have you spoken with the ZEN team lately??


bruh smoke a blunt and relax. Go watch an investing 101 video... only invest what you can afford to lose, invest in tech you believe in, have patience and faith. Peace

waiting for 5 trillion...


I think we'll be waiting a while for 5 trillion...

If the cryptos can really reach that market cap and Steem can keep up... oh yes.

thank you crypt0 for posting, I'm a youtube subscriber, love your content


Me too, Crypt0's the best!

It's my boy! close to the cannon, bearer of hope.

I wish those hackers would stop demanding BTC as a form of payment, it really makes the potential for mainstream adoptability more difficult. Especially the netflix hackers who wanted BTC...But I guess everybody wants some BTC these days however they can get it.

And cheaper ETH transactions fees would be nice, still a lot cheaper then BTC though.


They should make their Own crypto currency to use called RansomeCoinmake it based on DigitalNote anonymous blockchain system like monero or Bytecoin and just create an organized criminal darknet market site dedicated to organized crime networks to share tips and tricks and to organize their efforts and develop a crypto currency DESIGNED for blackhat criminals who cmake ransome ware!

peopel who make ranomware are outlier individuals who arent organized and they all have to look it up!

so we shoudl look up the websites and ROUTES people take when google searching "How to create your own ranom ware" all the rsa and cencryption websites and file encryotion toosl and gudes peopel ahve made and forums and reddit posts should all have stuff add tto them! we should PLANt HINTS and stuff and FUNNEL potentia ransome wear reators to use their OWN coin, we shoul designit for them, an create backdooors, an we should create a FKE grooup of blackat hackers that SOUND like theyhave authroty, we can make them look super sart and make them talk about h THIS COInis the BEST for ransom wear and we can create a huge dragnet


I don't think it's a coincidence that it's happening, and it will likely get much worse. The fake news is controlled by the government, so they paint the picture they want us to believe. Most people are convinced if a newscaster showed it on TV, it's gotta be true lol. And the government is scared of bitcoin and other disruptive cryptocurrencies, they're aware that if/when it reaches mainstream adoption they will lose control over the monetary system. The centralized banks and governments will not roll over easily lol, but the best part is - NOTHING CAN STOP BITCOIN! :) :)

Another great post @crypt0 !!
5T cap??? wooow now we are talking.

May the bull runs be with us!

Wow! its nice you are getting more videos in less time. Its great Omar. About China fintech thats great news, just wait for BTC price go up like crazy soon..

Imo its another gov trick to put a bad light on bitcoin and cryptos in general...but this only make opposite reaction...buying more on dips


Yessir lol, the government can try but we know what's going on- Bitcoin's down? Time to buy :)


Another great video btw

I love your videos! You bring such an unbiased perspective to everything you share and it is really refreshing. I wish you all of the best and looking forward to listening to your future content.

Well, my work for the day is done. Up vote @crypt0 - check! It's a tough job but I'll keep doing it.

Nice video Omar. If things don't work out for you with crypto or acting you might consider doing something in education. You seem to have a natural talent for explaining things.

Crypto you never reply to me! I've been following you since the start, please respond to me man. I love what you do and have been rooting for you the whole time. My question is, from your last video "last time to take profits", do you actually think we're in the peak's rebound and that a crash/correction is coming? Instead of just regular volatility? I ask bc I acted upon your calling the crash of eth from $20 to $16, Sold mine at 17 and missed the up to $300. Not that I'm bitter, you hooked me up with Zcl before it split which has been amazing. Thganks bro, all the love.


Hey keirb- Firstly, I apologize if I have missed responding to you, and hope you'll pardon me for that.

I'd like to also share remorse for the loss you might have incurred, man- I can never really tell you what's going to happen, and so you shouldn't really ever take what I saw as investment advice. I really know no better than you what could happen tomorrow- though I'll share opinions, it doesn't mean I'm a professional, or even can tell exactly what's going to happen. It's just a guess, and sometimes in a more educated way, at best :/ ZCL was a wonderful win, so I'm very relieved to hear of your winnings there, however!

As far as the crash, I'm not putting a stamp on anything as far as calling a crash- I'm just saying it's one thing to consider that could happen. The chart seems to imply that a crash seems imminent, so it might be a time to position yourself in the coins you truly believe in, with money you'd be okay losing- in the long run the trend is UP, so the best thing to do is HODL strong either way. If you're holding the coins you believe in fundamentally, these times should do nothing to affect you...that's where I'm at. I'm hodling quite a bit of money, because I have what I need to live...and I'm cool with looking at my portfolio drop (with unrealized losses) significantly. I realize that the longer term winnings aren't worth gambling with, ya feel?

That's my 2c, since you totally deserve it, considering your patience in my answer. I'm happy to share with you- I wish you nothing but success and rewards, keirb, moving forward!

Have a great rest of the week, and thanks for inquiring/respecting my opinions,
Omar (Crypt0)


I'm with you on a potential drop is pretty likely, but short lived..after the first big spike downward, and the new guys panic selling even though we warn them about that...the price jumped back up to near 300$ too quickly to be a safe trend reversal..i feel like the whales lured those who panic sold into panic buying thinking is will be another epic bull run only to be burned again with maybe even 185$ bottom before we start heading back up

P.S. i left a comment below on a suggestion i had on a way to help all our new crypto friends


Dude! Thanks so much the reply! I read it to my girlfriend who's watched you with me from the beginning and she flipped! Kinda a big deal ;-) I feel you on the strategy, basically what we're planning too. Just curious on how much it would drop too? And could you Possibly do a video on how to short a coin? I still don't get that aside from just entering a fiat. No need to hit me back here since you're a busy man, just ideas for the show. ❤️

Don't lose the original Omar crypto anarchist vibe bruh. F the federal reserve. We taking our world back :)


Never, trust me ;) I'm with you, tdeezi, till the end.

Interesting news as always - I'm Hodling as well:)

The day crypto total market capitalization hit $5 trillion I will throw a party. Maybe by then STEEM is $10 or $15 too!

I have diversified my portfolio now, before it was 90% ETH and BTC, now i have added LTC and DASH to the mix. I am ready to buy more when i think the market is back in an uptrend

Très bon article. Merci
est ce que vous pourriez me donner des conseils pour mieux débuter sur steemit.
Upvote for me please or follow me ☺☺

I heard the ransomware only raised 3500 dollars. Jerrynews on Instagram what do you think?

Thank you for sharing :)

After Wannacry, this is peyta.
A big thanks to to you @crypt0
As usual... you always bring a piece of fresh and valuable content on both youtube and steemit.

thanks for another video man

I have a suggestion for you to consider, that is if you even read this..since we all know of the massive amount of newcomers flooding into crypto, and other than the O.G. BTC they are all about ethereum. They seem to have a lot of money they want to throw at it, but know very little about anything to do with cryptocurrency, the volatility, panic selling, wallet types, signs of scams etc. I think it would benefit you and them greatly to do some fresh new beginner stage videos. There are few trustworthy resources out there for this kind of info and it could only help grow your fanbase, i know you've done some in the passed, but videos from long ago in a fast changing world could be disregarded more quickly compared to new maybe in your spare time some quick tips to help the new guys out. We're all here to help each other when necessary, and i can just imagine how many people recently fell for some panic selling and lost big..nobody wants to see that

awesome quick update, Omar. Regarding the market cap reaching 5 trillion I think that's a prediction for many years into the future, but for the short term, maybe this is like the bubble in the beginning of 2013 & the big bubble could very well be by the end of the year if the Bitcoin scale works out positively. That'd be awesome. Thanks for your updates!

Great video Crypto thanks for the consistent news! You deserve all the great things coming your way!

What's up with the universal mind backround? I like your long videos man, don't go full CNN.

Woah Crypt0 a 5.4 trillion USD market cap would be amazing for all of us early traders / investors & miners :D

Guys... if the crypto market cap hits 5.4 trillion, I say we all get together and have a big money fight somewhere. Not only would us crypto-junkies be rich, but by then the fiat money people have would be the equivalent to dirty leaves on the ground so any fiat you did have laying around would be better off tossed away anyways.


I follow you on youtube, cool to come across you on here in my feed, love the content good sir!

Never bring emotions to trade Crypto. The best way, in my opinion, is to hold for long term. Love the News from you @crypt0 Love your voice. Born to report the news. RESTEEM UPVOTE FOLLOW

This definitely gives me a positive outlook on where cryptocurrency is going. Thanks for the video, very informative and I'm excited to see more from you!

Great video ! :)

Omar! I'm watching this on YouTube now :) I like it over here, this Steemit thing isn't so bad after all lol!


Steemit is good, Steemit is our friend :)

I wonder if the banks are getting ready to use and accept crypto?!
Thanks omar for the great content! :)

What kind of rubbish hacker takes over systems and only demands $300 in BTC? If you're going to take down monitoring systems at a nuclear reactor then at least add a couple more zeros!

Joined January 1970

Loving the new background :) Keep making great content. Hello from India.

Another awesome video. My theory is risk takers but more when cryptos have fallen. Buy more ad reap later

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i think i wanna go all in on eth

I agree the money that will come into this space is huge

Good information, as always @crypt0. I made myself laugh when pondering the new graphic background, so had to tell you.

I imagined a green screen between your chair and the sofa with your dog and girlfriend sitting on it... and the convo between you and her before shooting the stream --

"Honey, I swear, you won't have to sit behind the screen much longer, I promise. This Steemit thing is going to take off and we'll be able to buy a place with a legit studio in it!"

For what it's worth, I hope that's exactly how it works out.

Nice green screen effects! RIP Wallace in the background chewing his bones though. Shit cracked me up constantly during a deep crypt0 rant :P. As always thanks so much for the news as well as always looking for ways to improve quality in the channel! As crypto currencies get bigger they will continue to be targeted by hackers and criminals.

Great video and content. Question: if I wanted to mine today, what coin Would you recommend? Also do you analyze pre ICO's? Want to put more of my wealth in this space, but without hedges(options futures or forex) or the ability to short, indeed this could become. Tulipmania. Glad to find you upvoted resteemed and following...

I am celebrating 7 days of Steemit! Let's drink!

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