OMFG- Facebook Is Integrating Cryptocurrency!! / Ethereum Does It- $1,000 / Coinbase Not Adding XRP?

in #crypto-news7 years ago

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Wow - that is great news. Thanks for sharing the news on Facebook. Great job providing the update while driving.

Check my channel, I wroted something over the Bitcoin/Facebook corporation, too. But nice video, thanks!

Facebook might actually help me to explain crypto to my parents , They think I am insane. Thank you for sharing the news and I am glad you where the first on to tell me. You are right about apple going astray. Love the news, I am guessing no regular video live stream tonight

Time is invented by humanity? I though it was physics :D I know what you mean Omar ;). Good to see you back in a car, remembers me back at the good old times.... when BTC was at ... wait STOP! I do not want to remember it, otherwise I'll be sad. Cheers... keep up the great work

Glad you understood hehe..I meant Time is a tool by which we put events on calenders, and mark history :) Cheers and thanks for the support, man!

@crypt0 well I'm aslo glad you find out a good reason in @chkoenig comment and gave your opinion regarding his comments.

Yes dear you are right that is realy good news

Wow very interesting am a newbie on steemit and I must say this is a very nice piece I have come across steemit is full of talented people keep it up sir

thanks for your videos Omar !
WOW Facebook.. i guess they are like... if you can't beat them join them

Coinbase will never add XRP. People are silly.

Never say Never, They added a crappy coin called Bitcoin cash..

Still waiting for the rippening ! Mad numbers Ripple ceos having more coins out of ciruclation worth more than bill gates and warren buffets net worth wtf o,o.

a bank token coinbase is not.

Why do you say that? Of course they will. They will add many more than just Ripple in the coming years. Never is a big statement.

wow that's great news i really don't know how to reat

What would crypto be used for on Facebook? I’m not a FBer but as I understand they get money and not the users. Am I wrong? Would they start sharing revenue through crypto?

How Funny.. I just closed my FedBook account today. LinkedIn has the same close out: "these people are going to miss you!" Lol ..

this is really a great improvement for the crypto world

Wow. I actually thought for a second they were actually going to incorporate it. Looks like they’ll be investigating how to incorporate it. Big difference my man. Thanks for sharing though.

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