OMFG- Facebook Is Integrating Cryptocurrency!! / Ethereum Does It- $1,000 / Coinbase Not Adding XRP?

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Wow - that is great news. Thanks for sharing the news on Facebook. Great job providing the update while driving.

If you want to invest and learn Crypto's?
@haejin and/ or

Check my channel, I wroted something over the Bitcoin/Facebook corporation, too. But nice video, thanks!

Facebook might actually help me to explain crypto to my parents , They think I am insane. Thank you for sharing the news and I am glad you where the first on to tell me. You are right about apple going astray. Love the news, I am guessing no regular video live stream tonight

Time is invented by humanity? I though it was physics :D I know what you mean Omar ;). Good to see you back in a car, remembers me back at the good old times.... when BTC was at ... wait STOP! I do not want to remember it, otherwise I'll be sad. Cheers... keep up the great work

Glad you understood hehe..I meant Time is a tool by which we put events on calenders, and mark history :) Cheers and thanks for the support, man!

@crypt0 well I'm aslo glad you find out a good reason in @chkoenig comment and gave your opinion regarding his comments.

Yes dear you are right that is realy good news

Wow very interesting am a newbie on steemit and I must say this is a very nice piece I have come across steemit is full of talented people keep it up sir

thanks for your videos Omar !
WOW Facebook.. i guess they are like... if you can't beat them join them

Coinbase will never add XRP. People are silly.

Never say Never, They added a crappy coin called Bitcoin cash..

Still waiting for the rippening ! Mad numbers Ripple ceos having more coins out of ciruclation worth more than bill gates and warren buffets net worth wtf o,o.

a bank token coinbase is not.

Why do you say that? Of course they will. They will add many more than just Ripple in the coming years. Never is a big statement.

wow that's great news i really don't know how to reat

What would crypto be used for on Facebook? I’m not a FBer but as I understand they get money and not the users. Am I wrong? Would they start sharing revenue through crypto?

How Funny.. I just closed my FedBook account today. LinkedIn has the same close out: "these people are going to miss you!" Lol ..

this is really a great improvement for the crypto world

Wow. I actually thought for a second they were actually going to incorporate it. Looks like they’ll be investigating how to incorporate it. Big difference my man. Thanks for sharing though.

Nice informative video. I like this. Thanks for sharing the post

Lovely, if facebook started to intro people cryptocurrency, the market can be up very soon! Yeah!

Fun to see an oldskool Crypt0 style car vid. Definitely a reminder of how far you've come in such a short space of time. I'm going to check out that Zuckerberg post, very exciting news!

I would not swap 1 ETH for 1 BTC. Enough said.
Facebook Censorship on blockchain? It would have to be a centralized token, not a real crypto on a blockchain.

Most of my family and friends think that Ive gone nuts. They don't believe my crypto portfolio is worth anything lol Crypto on facebook might change that!

Just read the writing of Mark. I do not like him as he just think of how to earn more money. In Hong Kong, post with good quality or have sensitive content will always hidden in facebook, unless you pay to promo it. That is why I like steemit.

Suckerberg pwned by Steemit!

Facebook adding crypto HAS to be some kind of trick right? FB couldn't be doing the right thing..

What if facebook implements SMT? That would be nice.
Ripple is shit, it should not even exist.

Plenty of cryptos don’t require proof of work mining, LTC rally target $800.

If it is true steemit will go even further

Thanks for the very informative post!

That's a great news! I hope FB will hug LTC as well :)

Nobody wants to be left out.

Thanks for sharing all the latest crypto news,very useful being able to find out everything what's happening in the crypto world.

Wooooord. It's good because now it's as mainstream as you can get with the largest cryptocurrency and it makes it harder for governments to fuck with something like facebook.

I know it's not funny but I like to shed light on topics in weird ways, so I made this meme.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 9.07.50 PM.png

You are really starting to loose your mind if you are starting to diminish Apple like that. You are anti everything except cryptocurrency.

I guess Steemit is already giving Facebook a run for their money hehehe.....This guys have been seeing all the Steemit posts on Facebook hehehe and they want to counter react.

We should use this opportunity to introduce SMTS TO Facebook and this will be a game changer for Steemit.....Remember Facebook has 2 billion monthly active users.......!!!!

The marketing guys this is an opportunity for smt and we all here become millionaires hehehe.

Great video as always Omar. What's your take on the BitconnectX ICO that is happening in the coming days? I personally find it amazing that the Bitconnect "pumpers" as expected are pumping the hell out of this ICO like crazy... yet they don't even know wtf it is. I guess this just shows the general mindset of the average Bitconnect investor... clueless!

i saw this video tanx for share crypt0

Great news

Steemit has facebook shaking in their boots!! DOWN WITH FACEBOOK!!

They know that is the future and they are going to do everything to earn more and more.. but, it's good I think. Very good info. Thank you for sharing.

While it's true that governments abuse their power and spy on their own citizens illegally, Facebook isn't much better. They abuse their power as well so it's hard to believe that they will use technology solely for good in the future.

Incredible news!

Cryptocurrency is a global phenomenom, and it makes sense for FB to figure out a way to get involved as their mission is to connect the world - it goes hand in hand with the ethos of global transferable currency.

Thanks for the update Omar! It was only a matter of time before Facebook dipped its hands into crypto, only time will tell how exactly they're gonna use it manipulate social interaction. Ripple is a good currency to make some quick gains to put back into decentralized currencies. Would love to hear your insights on which way Stellar is gonna go and whether it's decentralized nature is a big win over XRP. Cheers and keep em coming.

Cypherpunkers will win =)

Wow that is gerat news .thanks for shearnig the news on fb .that is a gerat job providing

Really good and necessary news. I know a lot by watching the video. Thank you for promoting the video.

Interesting. What's next? CNN starts its own cryptocurrency?

@crypt0, I'm new to Steam. There really is a lot to learn from your post. I do get support from Steam from you. Thank you my friend .

Its a real good news.. thanks

Wow a man that can multi task, but even better to hear the news. Thank you for the information will definitely be keeping an eye on all the information you have just provided us with

Oh wow, thank you for that, I loved your video,
I will definitely subscribe, thanks again.

Thanks for the news. I'll look for more videos!

Cryptocurrencies are nice way to keep and invest our money.

Very good information @crypt0, that's why I follow you, you always give us valuable information. Thank you

Do you see Ethereum being the next big (read: BIG... like $10k+ big) coin? And what do you think of LTC long-term? Congrats on 80k followers! Great content

Like you mentioned, Ethereum will remain the #1 smart-contract platform for a long time in my opinion as well.
@crypt0 any opinion on KMD?

Cheers <3

Thats a very great news for me..Thankyou so much for sharing

Woow huge step for cryptos

Many platforms/companies/organizations even entertainment industry will embrace crupto currencies especially the first 5 on market caps. Starting from 2018 we will see big announcements/big moves about crypto currencies. It feels like a dream come true seeing digital money being accepted and manisted for use.

Wow - that is great news. Thanks for sharing the news on Facebook. Great job providing the update while driving.

Is this for real? This is great news, a new leap of cryptocurrency.

It seems that facebook is starting to recognize its competitor :)

Oh thanks you~!

Wow...what a concept..that was awesome.
First to last...i have read your post.

yesterday i got a 31 ripple...

have a good day..
thanks for your great info..
thanks for sharing..

Facebook may really help me to disclose crypto to my folks , They think I am crazy. Much thanks to you for sharing the news and I am happy you where the first on to let me know. You are ideal about apple roaming. Love the news, I am speculating no customary video live stream today.

Zuckerberg should add Steem! Lol. He probably won't. Cheaper for him to rip off Steemit than partner with it. Just how he will integrate crypto is the real question.

Awesome content! I’m new to steem and cyrotocurrency in general but I definitely will look at other videos of yours because I really liked the way you explained. Thank you for the great video!

Soon enough, they will catch the eye of the Steemit platform..want to be able to incorporate it..what happens once they do? Big question is would Steemians be faithful to the platform that started it all or would we be gullible and have a loyalty alert triggered!

Yeaaah amazing news bro !

very informative video i really love such kind of informative video

Always loved your car videos. Happy to see one again!

I really liked the idea of Facebook integrating Litecoin simply for Zuckerberg to have another shot at screwing over the Winklevoss twins who are balls deep in Bitcoin 😂.

As for Coinbase and Ripple, who knows. But if the rumour is properly debunked, then there could be opportunities to buy pullbacks.

I’ve given you a follow and I’ll see you around mate!

that facebook news is actually really big stuff...
thank you for sharing and keeping us updated!

Hope you don't mind I re-steem your post

Great to see you doing the video in the car, just like Miami!

I wonder how Facebook will cope with the Crypto avalanche in the future.

wow..this is a greate news..i like your post very well..thank for sharing with us...

Why you spreading false news ? Just for Steem dollars ?

Was it ever even confirmed that xrp would go to coinbase.

just read your post you shear very informative stuff but unfortuanitly we are no to much active on above social media network facebok etc.. its time to give time to that great post

Its a little hokey to me...but most folks could def find value in your intro video. congrats guys!

it sickens me to see ethereum at 1000. i had 550 ethereums in the summer that i paid like 10 bucks for. i rode the ride all up to 400 but after it started to fall i got scared and sold at 225. i put it into some other coins and tried trading and i don't have very much more than i did in the summer. do'nt try that trading bullshit. just buy and hold. me trying to trade has cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last few months. learn from my mistake. just buy and hold

I would rather see them adopt Litecoin

ADA income : 3400,000 $

►💎 Great Post. AirNet Hawk-Project - @exstyle = 06/01/2018 _AHP17 :

►💎 OMFG- Facebook Is Integrating Cryptocurrency!! / Ethereum Does It- $1,000 / Coinbase Not Adding XRP?

►💎 Sharing and Supporting on Steemit - Reaching deep space with 'best priced' RESTEEM

go job and success

Good stuff, thank you :)

Hey bud. I'd love to connect in Discord I hope to talk with you soon.

I think FB is trying to get a portion of the cryptocurrency cake.

This is good news indeed.

Coinbase will be missing out if they do not add ripple to their platform. Their fees are way too high, there is a need to have a new platform out there that will compete with coinbase

Yup Suckerberg is at it again! This is yet another slick attempt by the man to keep other potential Facebook similar projects from rising up to compete with FB. SMH

hahaha really good post !

Wow great news
The whole world is changing because of the crypto currencies and the etherum is gonna rise even more I suggest you guys to invest on it

Thats awesome on our way to mass adoption!

Thanks for those great information!

That's what I thought would happen. Mark Zuckerburg doesn't want Facebook to die out. Very interesting.

Just a heads up, don't use the F in OMFG since as an adjective, it is just disrespectful and rude to have that word right before God. Unfortunately, it has become a trend now and people don't even think about it before using it.

Wow - that is awesome news. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing the news on Facebook. Awesome employment giving the refresh.. I will continue tailing you..

Thank you! New follower in me. Thanks again

Upvote for this comment please miaw ! ;) im new thank you

Don't beg for up votes. Here's a nice pretty red flag instead.

Post is loaded with great news and ideas. So happy to be part of the crypto wave that is taking over at breakneck speed.

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