No End For BTC: 14K! / Free BAT Tokens / Decentraland / Lightning Network 1.0 / Steam Disables BTC

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How bout using Shapeshift to buy coins without an exchange?

almost 15k now lol

Damn I missed your stream again, You make crypto so easy to understand and pleasant to hear about. You are my source of news on crypto, And also I still can't get the picture about cats...

it's an outstanding process to go long for bitcoin....
it's price going to moon...
that 's amazing conversation...
thank's for your information@Crypt0

Thank you for the useful information contained in the video, a respectful effort and outstanding work 👉👍👍👍

Bitcoin is in full burn mode like we have never seen before. It is heading for Plutos MOON!!!!

great post,very good job and nice video, thanks for the crypto news

really nice video I like this..

just love what you do.
thank you sir...@Crypt0


Thanks for this info...
Can you say something about Ripple coin ?

it's an amazing sensation...crypt0...

already subcribed your channel..


Üç gün önceden yazmıştım. Bu fiyatlarda olması çok normal.

A fantastic value movements, it is unimaginable if in just a few hours the price of BITCOIN jumped dramatically from 13 thousand rose close to 15 thousand.
Wow ... really fantastic, is there any doubt about Bitcoin?

Crossing $14K is another milestone achievement for BTC. Invest and hold onto your Bitcoin.

wish i have those hands & keep upvoting such as this creative funny post!!
Thanks for sharing this..

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Unprecedented high prices
It's a very wonderful coin

thanks for the very good information sharing
upvoted and following updates news