Wow Omar ty so much! Been following since I got into crypto a few months ago. Can't believe I won! Ty for what you do for the crypto world. Will return the favor at some point!


Omar Rocks! 0x42321F3341EA2d1Cb9276C4d2a84Ce329549eC41

it's dipping

sorry i'm late 0xc5e03E5fb66cBC61C413849c945073130Da53851


Thank you so much Omar! I was not expecting to win :o I am following you on youtube when you just had 10-15k subscribers, so nice that you are more and more dominating the crypto news with you kind and informative way! keep up the good work! I will repay this gift in some way in the future!

I was the one that found the game on Quartz.
"Juan Silva" on the Chat.
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Hit me with the 0.3333333......

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Wheres my .3 ETH lol 0x1542ca0c8cf0a911587ef6c848c2c4ab55f2bfdf


Thanks for doing what you do crypt0, and everyone else on steemit, hop on and join the conversation!

interesting posts and thank you for sharing @crypto

Hey crypto keep up the good work brother.

Here it is :) 333 is my favourite number!

0x2df794A0a6E1b9C85D872818c1037B1B61C0f6c0 Manuel Yeahh

0x52c70a0491D411F9c59D8801D83Fa2419A368Fcd ..worth a try ? :-0

Dan Denno
public to come!! one second



mauricio lomeli !!! i want .3 eth ....

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Cryptocurrbit on Youtube
upvoted and will resteem now
Slotthereum. The Ethereum slot machine

Resteemed! 0x432ADC028bCD8aCF962147D14860F0FBc281658a

Omar you are the man. dunno if i even did this right butttt. Gonzo Lo is my youtube

Hey Crypt0,

Resteemed for quality live feeds and news!

Thanks, and your g/f is lovely!

Jangaleez Massive 0x70A0252b4d3c3f8b5B2697D1023cb2435019A394

Quantum evolution yay! im in for some eth ! 0x8a599073B7A9EfeE82BaE0137A0F994a75976797


You da Man!!

YT: Bassboylowg

0x3E041b6533d0624162083A65ACf6CEC4c05D020a Nyassa

Giddy yup

Always the best!!!0x34f9141a95B558104dAa2F21A39D27c2a1187083

0x999e7666098e97B934221968934f9133F23F7866 ty for the contest!


Dan San on your chat!

Miguel Angelo from Angola

It will recover



Crypto Airdrop! Love the content!


FreeGenX aka John Ruggieri 0xe17aa10b2cda4ac407ec4529409e81ad77e95e73

@crypt0 Thanks for your work sir.... Love it.

taught i saw you the other day in denmark 0x33531c5dc9aF3867851DD03953bE0cA7B60Eb261

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@Lou Cal


Thanks Omar


Keep doing your great work man, always appreciate it!



Robert Moya
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This is the first thing I have followed and Resteemed on this platform. :) It is my honor.

I'll have the ether, thanks!


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Hey Omar
Following you now. Missed part of the live stream but love your YT Channel and now following you here on Steemit!
Keep up the good work!

0x83a8359c48e8bE701b685528a8ec91EB036232dE Gavin Watkins on youtube gimme some eth bro! :)

It's happening!

Holy balls that was a long stream haha.


Thanks for the entry!

This was fun man! I love it when you do these spontaneous hangouts. And the drum roll game at the end was epic xD Take care & thanks for keeping us updated (Y) You rock!

Ivan 0x51Ca0ce4Cb16caCEBb2cd729f6ed48c564A994bD

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@crypt0 This is awesome! Love it.

@crypt0 Thanks for publishing this Charming instant in time for yourself..


Marvllous video !!
Thanks to share
Keep posting bro
Uovoted resteemed

@crypt0 The online market place is a wonderful industry for truth of the matter and lies. Now it is actually quite challenging to acknowledge where by the reality is.

@crypt0 Your generate up is spectacular. Mad regard for sticking as a result of many of the hardships, Many of us would've Give up A great deal before..


Been here since January. You are still the best, most honest... source of news. Thanks Omar!

i am hodling onto it this time :)

Excellent video thanks for sharing!!!


@crypt0 Great submit. Hardwork pays a lot more so preserve Functioning tough! Resteemed.