IRS To Take Info On Users After Partial Victory Over Coinbase / Fed Nominee's Crypto Comment / More!

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Keep up the great work brother. Your videos continue to evolve in so many ways. Thank you for helping to spread the work of decentralisation. I think we are about to get through to the 100th monkey!

good video! i dont have $20 G's anyways so i think im ok. but do you know if its any different up here in Canada? also what is a better or a different site to buy BTC? I know theres localbitcoin but i tend to find those prices to be higher. is there another site?

Amazing video thanks for sharing


Here is the thing we are overlooking. The darker side of the cloud being that a precedent has been set. There are bunch out there mistakenly relieved that they bought their BTC in 2016, 2017 etc. This is actually a big win for the IRS as they just got their foot in the door. That said everyone in the last two years that meets the criteria should likewise expect their information to be handed over at some point.

This time; however, Coinbase won't put up nearly as hard a fight, if at all as there is now a legal precedent and they no it is a losing battle. Also I think we have failed to estimate the ramifications if the initial Suspicions by the IRS are confirmed. We know they will be based upon the initial BTC user base, the ease of avoiding taxes during that time etc. Ergo the IRS will have a hell of a lot more foundation to their next request based on provable evasive tax information obtained in this initial lot of customers Coinbase will be handing over.

That in turn will allow them more power to start prying into all things Crypto.

@machhour / @crypt0: I can only associate myself with. Well done. And congratulations on the award.

I agreed with you it's really amazing @machhour ✍👍

What I don't understand is why someone with a family has $100K+ in ETH has it on one of the riskiest exchanges out there, and is trading in the riskiest fashion possible during a pump... I have my ETH offline and it'll sty offline. When you've got a winning hand, you don't need to overplay it. The upside is not worth the downside of getting crushed and having that haunt you.

Does the IRS take IRS coin? You know, since it's all virtual currency.

Great stuff!!! Quick, hide all the crypto currencies!

Great video thank you for sharing Subscribe & like in your channel following you :)

Thanks for sharing this informations great

Amazing post!! Thank you for sharing. And kudos to Coinbase for not allowing our privacy to be stripped like everyone else is allowing it. At least they are looking out for their customers.. But yes, go get a Ledger Nano S..

Great information , keep the good work

Man, I appreciate coinbase for fighting for us and trying to keep our privacy safe. This is one of the reasons crypto exists...

Some of us we're just discussing this when your post came up. Was the crash a result, did heavier hitters manipulate, was it a DDOS, were some of the questions. Nobody however seems to be discussing the issue of how and when to pay your taxes. I find that interesting . Thank you for the post.

That's a amazing video thanks for giving us..And thanks for crypto news @crypt0 I appreciate your post and video ☝👍

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Thanks for the rich information contained in the featured video sharing

All the US is some more tax money from the crypto users, They are trying to black jack with a cheater ....

I could not read your video and I did not read the article. I am a little busy. If I am free to post your video and write the episode I hope your video and the text will be of the benefit of all. We always post well so that you follow all the time and read it without having seen and commented

I had no idea your videos were on Steemit, nor that the platform was so valuable to you, until you mentioned it. I also didn't know there were so many videos to watch on Steemit. I think the last time I checked it was mostly text.

I'm spending less time on the YouTube platform and I'll be watching your videos (and others) over here! You may have just converted me to an active Steemit user.

goood post friends,,,i love cripto coin

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Thank you for sharing detail info, keep sharing
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nice video

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Governments vs is going to be a long battle, smart countries like Japan and Switzerland already embraced cryptos as they realized you can’t fight something with such a huge distribution...all of the others will just fall behind trying to find a way to regulate the impossible.

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