Government Attempts To Pass Bill To Confiscate Your Cryptocurrency & Other Assets / Circle / More!

in crypto-news •  2 years ago

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Always love your videos thanks for the update fuck that!


Dont forget to fuck the police.


Theyre haters.


Thanks, a wonderful post, good luck to you

Love it! "I have never had a terrorist attack me with a chuckie-cheese gift card"

I never "carry" my bitcoin across boarders. I just leave my keys on en encrypted cloud drive, cross the boarder, then access my coins. They are so stupid.


Oh you don't carry your coins everywhere? I carry mine the the change purse my grandma gave me when I was 6.

I read the article today, they will try all sorts of things to keep themselfs afloat!

I say, let'em drown...



Now you have to answer to... 'MERICA, F*** Yeah!

Well...we knew it was coming right? Diversify, cold storage & prepare for anything.


Yep, you know what the say right:

Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:

  • If it moves, tax it.
  • If it keeps moving, regulate it.
  • And if it stops moving, subsidize it.*

That was just simply AWESOME! Great comment!

Well now.... they can just fuck the fuck off now can't they?

Sounds like US traders need to move their digital assets to exchanges based in crypto-friendly countries, like Japan perhaps?


Or base yourself out of puerto rico

wow that's interesting . thanks for the article :)

Your posts are amazing @crypt0
Let me always follow you

I wish them luck getting into my Ledger Nano S.... #FuckEmThough


No, sir. But I have a wallet seed memorized, with a couple of million Doge on it.


Much coin! Very Money! Such Wow!

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“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Ghandi

Things like these makes you think about moving countries. Doesn't feel like the "Land of the Free" anymore.


It hasn't been that way for such a long time. I remember when I was a kid and "Down Under" came out on the radio (Men at Work). In the song the guy says "I come from the land of liberty", and I thought, WAIT, you are a liar. You're from Australia, not the USA! Turns out all the countries use these buzzwords to make you think everything is great where you are, not anywhere else.

Yet ANOTHER way for the government to STEAL from us!!!

Hey no bad language behave and show love... i have explained it in details in my post. Its important to take care of others.

maybe it is time for us to learn japanese and move to japan.

Attack with a Chuck E Cheese gift that was funny! Thanks for the late night laugh @crypt0

let's all resteem this blog to get the word out.

thanks for sharing

🤔 amazon gift cards are EVIl .. in$ane ..

The government can suck a slimy dick, oh wait they'd like that..

As always, Omar is keeping it real, true, and honest.

Thanks for the content bud.

They don't like people to transfer money playing no fees

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ohhh a late night crypto show. sweet.

good point

This is the beginning of the decentralized revolution.

SLavery is not a thing of the pass. Government enslaves us with with a different tool. Financial freedom is a must

hey @crypt0 have you ever read a book called homo deus. Its about the future of the human species you'd love it!

If they loose control of money, then they stop being able to control governments and wage wars. Make no mistake, this is a bill drafted by the banking elite.


that is so true

This infuriates me! The gov has no business to be in our business.

what are the consequences that will take place majorly due to this?

Thanks for the video, correct me if I am wrong. You only have to claim cryptocurrencies if you are physically traveling with it on a paper wallet or hardware wallet. Not just because you own it, just like when traveling with cash if you have less than 10K cash but have 100K in your bank account you dont have to claim your bank account? @crypt0

So much profanity in this thread 🤣
Suffice to say, government can't really confiscate anything if you're holding your wallet on your own computer or usb stick, DEFINATELY not in some online wallet and DEFINATELY not on your smartphone. People get busted so often in airports and customs because the agents are accessing their SMS' and phone numbers!!! It's a self-incriminating tool, and they are using it against the people. We all know how government can shutdown, raid, confiscate web servers and force their owners to reveal users' data. The beauty of the cryptocurrencies, WE control our money, not the governments nor the banks, and that's why they're worried. It's all scare tactics and they can't do anything about it. Protect your wallet and you won't have any problem.

Government being government.

they need to get the fuk off cryptos they dont know shit

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