Ethereum To The Moon / Peter Thiel & Founders Fund Bought Bitcoin / Low BTC Dominance / More! (The Crypt0 Minute: January 2nd, 2017)

in crypto-news •  7 months ago

Piano Instrumental By Omar Bham (Crypt0)
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If the crypto money comes out, the UK's muds will be able to take their money from their bank accounts and transfer it to the digital system, which is completely state-safe.


And I will follow you now. The information is worth the treasure .. @crypt0


Anyone who bought a troncion here?!

Some nice jumps and very glad to see it I expect we will have a few more days of money flowing in

Happy new year Omar! To all: I recommend you to follow Omar, early in 2016 I learned about Ethereum and other cryptos thanks to Crypt0 Youtube channel, Omar is not trying to pump any coin like many other youtubers, Omar just give us great content and fresh news. I remember Omar was live during the night during the Dao attack, historical moments we won't forget! Thanks Omar to be part of my crypto journey.


nice talk I really like how you explained cryptocurrency.

Another Crypt0 upvote! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the quick update. Love the background music!!!

When BTC is forked to be Proof of Stake, electricity issue will go away :)

Ethereum is likely up because of the hard fork news (EtherZero) which may or may not happen. And according to various rumors is projected to hit on Jan 19. I've seen some saying it's cancelled, I've seen others saying it's still on. I'm not sure what is going to happen at the moment. Any guesses?

World is changing, gotta change with it

good job my friend,,,happy new year to u

Ty @crypt0. Everything is doing great but steem is out of the fucking park.

Great video as always Omar. I love your 1 minute recaps and I play a little game each time I listen to one. The game is "can I go 1 minute without looking at my blockfolio app?". So far I have lost every time... :D

Thanks @crypt0 for your great info

I really hope we see some price action with eth, its been kind of quite , I guess that isn't a bad thing

Its time to remove our wealth from the preying hands of the state

Very interesting post I really like it .. Greetings know and friendship my brother. Happy New Year 2018

it wasn't until recently i associated the recent bitcoin pump and alt coin dump be due to Peter Thiel

Hey guys , I just made a new post about what to expect next on ethereum , check my page follow and upvote thanks

The transaction of bitcoin is reaching the price of litecoin!!
The altcoins are ao much better than bitcoin these days
Besides the etherum is gonna rise even more
Even dogecoin has been rising about 300% in the past month

nice talk I really like how you explained cryptocurrency. just want to make a correction on coinbase you do not have to give ID if you use a debit or credit card however you are limited to $5,000 a week

Thanks for all you do for the community man. We all appreciate it! Looking forward to the future of crypto.

I think it is good that bitcoin dominance is lower. Ethereum must take the top spot now. Or some other currency with instant transaction and zero fee, such as Steem and Raiblocks.

If bitcoin's lightening network gets working on every app and exchange, then it is ok for it to stay at top. Otherwise it is non sense to pay such huge fee when we have better currencies.

Thank you very much
I am glad I found you article
I am interested in the bitcoin
I will definitely buy a few and make an exodus wallet too
It seems to be a very good useful coin
Thanks again@crypt0

the system of changing........great revulation is going on..

Thank you for the daily input. Much appreciate the hustle!

Thanks for the quick update. Love the background music!!!
I am glad I found you article,I am interested in the bitcoin,
I will definitely buy a few and make an exodus wallet too
It seems to be a very good useful coin

sir @crypt0 are the master!
Just woke up and saw this post, Wow the price is flying now!
2018 is gonna be huge for ETH & BTC..Hopefully ETH & BTC.

eth and btc ,,btccash to the Moon and Beyond.great news.
the is the best treading is very good for us.
Yes am very happy because this is the first Good news I got this year.... I just hope this year is filled with so many good news.
upvoted and resteem

it s a great post and i liked it

its a great post thanks crypt0 (72). happy new year friend

is nice to see like ethereum is growing but i never believe this c.currency, cos in the past were stolen/deleted/frozen (give name by yourself) 273mil. € in ethereum, nobody knows when happend it again.

Anything about Cardano ?? Anyone?


CARDANO is doing great! If you bought in and held it, its a good time to sell. I personally think it'll go a bit higher then readjust. Its up 38% as we speak!

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Aam very happy for the post made, i received a lot of infprmation

Good info bro @ crypt0. Thanks for sharing it, wish you a great year ahead! Upvote for you. Your friend and follower @danish.siddiqui

Wow man this is very detailed and informative, for an enthusiast like me.

nice one my good friend

Today was crazy all the news, etz. the btc binance, trx.
excellent video

I really dig the idea of minute length segments. Translates well to Instagram and Snapchat, but would like links to articles about the topics you talk about.

Also, it's nice to know you score your own videos. Sounds great.

"Bitcoin is back" but now its "Ethereum is back". I agree with that change :))

Excellent videos very helpful.Thanks

I've always believed in a world of crypto currencies. Lovely video!

Anytime! Glad you liked it!

Love the content man!

Wow the price is flying now!

@crypt0 Good times for the crypto world. Wonder if ETH will keep up with the rising competition from other blockchain based platforms that are faster (crypto kitties kind of really exposed ETH)

I just followed you cause your posts seems to be informative post you can find similar crypto news on my steemit that might be productive for you too...

always see ur videos....

Yes ethereum is shooting higher faster, and other coin too.Crypto is the focus of many now. Nice work.

Bitcoin will probably moon again at somepoint during this year but I have lost confidence!

Here a good article from Jimmy Song why the bitcoin dominance is deceiving:

I really liked the subject that you expose

I new user please help me how to uses steemit


Hello ! I am new user , I hope you can help me how to uses steemit ! Please..