Ethereum SLAMS Upwards Towards All Time High Amidst Thanksgiving Day Celebrations!

in crypto-news •  last year

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I hope a little but I bought some of the break above the all time high. I’ll stop it out if it doesn’t hold 40”


@cryptokeepr agreed. When do you estimate ETH will have its next correction? @gold84


Idk but I just lightened my bitcoin and ethereum holdings a bit in exchange for some other coins. Bitcoin especially needs to take a breather IMO. I say this rally or at least this price level could last time end of year but we could see some serious profit taking in the next week or two.

I wish I had a better answer for ya :)


@cryptokeepr thanks for your follow up on this. Yes according to @haejin last bitcoin update, bitcoin is going to 10,250 in the short term, and probably a correction around the $8,000 is going to happen. But who knows really and when. @gold84

With Constantinople right around the corner and Casper protocol coming too, it's about time. The ethereum rocket has just been fired up. I think this new all time high will be the breakout we've been waiting for.

Thanks for the update. Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

They say thank you for sharing this information with us and I think all the investor I really looking forward to see what would happened to ether

Hey seems like that if there is going to rock the floor and will be making a new house. It's really great and I don't like your post .

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Thank's for sharing @crypto

informative post for me....Go ahead

So happy to see where ethereum is heading. Makes me happy I chose ETH to mine and invest in. Great post, will resteem here!

ETH is a solid crypto token with a long term holding value.

I think Ethereum smart contracts are gonna be one of the first wide scale implementations of the 'internet of things', this ATH is just the beginning!

nice video thanks for posting have a great day.

@crypt0 I am Your Big fan. I watch Your All videos. Your All Videos Very Helpful Me. Thanks.

Thanks, I've been stepping away from the festivities all day to look at it. What a ride.

what's a "$" ? im not familiar with the symbol…

plz enlighten me.... what is it's worth backed up by? and why do the people of your planet use it as the metric to measure the value of goods and services and currencies currently?

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really nice video I like this...../////////

@crypt0 Happy Thanksgiving Omar and I am so Happy for you since Ethereum as you have mentioned in the past is your Biggest HODL !!!
Thank You for keeping us informed in so many ways with whats going on in the Crypto World.

nice view!! it's helpful...

I know its late but happy thanksgiving, and may the crypto games continue

nice my friend

bought some at ~$360, pretty a good deal this week. Good to know that its transaction rate is even more than Bitcoin.

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