Ethereum ROCKETS Up- $1000 In The Next Day Or Two? / Ripple On Coinbase?

in crypto-news •  10 months ago

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thank u for this article i followed your adviced and its worth it

Hey man I hope you feel better, Happy new year my friend. Well if you look at it every coin has it moment! Love the video even if it was not the same.
Crypto makes it possible for someone like me to get a head start on life. Don't party to hard I will be ready for your next stream


we can see the future of steem dollar which is just fabulous it rose day by day gradually and remains drastic effects on Super economic powers

Great video as usual, hope you feel better real soon, I think somethings going around town, I'm sick too!


Better late than never. "HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE".

yeah to see the etereum rise up it look that its market cap was rise up from ripple some hours ago and now i think thats true the eth will going upto 1000$ in next days and also happy HAPPY NEW YEAR TO U @CRYPT0

Thanks yall! Happy new year!

I think eth is due for a big increase and that's not just because I have some


it's only half the reason you think so


lol, too true @cryptoknight12. but @viraldrome may be on to something, especially seeing that we are due some activity related to the move to PoS. I think that once there is a strong incentive to hold, we will see the huge gain. Not that other cryptos are any indicator of this type of behavior, but #Dash saw such an increase after the masternode ownership benefits were clearly identified.

2018 will be a big year for eth, maybe I'm a little biased, because I'm a fan of the tech, but it has a lot of potential to explode this year.


3k to 5k I would say will be the price of ETH at the end of 2018

well the ethereum is the a bright future coin and i think in next months will be most popular as compare to btc because i see the more new cryptocurrieces launches in eth walet and now the more transaticon will be with eth as compare to btc reason low fees and easy transaction....... happy new year crypt0

Happy new year! Eth is going out of the park on this one but holy crap check out the steem price.

Amazing performance by ETH. Good new is that STEEM going up by almost 72% in value by the start of new year. Come on cryptos all of us want you to grow more and more.

Happy New year crypt0! How about the STEEM moon today?


Hell of a story as well! Happy New Year, man :)


heppy new year sir...


new year will be amazing!


ok..thank you sir...

Price of eth will go up in general bc of fork around the 15 right?

Etherium is definitely reaching close to 1K soon


REAL close bro :D


Would be nice if Litecoin was $1k


i am also thinking same

haha good news for me! All CSNO token holders get dividends in ETH every quarter :D

It's gonna blast past 1000$. The Casper test-net is causing serious FOMO, though noone knows how long it will be before the fork to Casper really happens.
I think Ethereum will keep the cryptomarket alive while Bitcoin takes a break and reflects on its future. Soon we'll see Ethereum trading above 1k and Bitcoin below 10k, though Bitcoin might bounce back superstrong IF it gets its shit together!

I have downloaded the eth wallet before. but the lack of knowledge that keeps me from examining it. this post makes me will see it again. and I will share this post for my information. thanks sir. i like you.

this is interesting..steemit has become a very bright window of digital currency. a good beginning of the year. I will learn more about this. thanks for information

good good good!!!

Great videos!

I decided not to buy any Ripple at $0.02, then again at $0.20 :( :( :(

2018 is going to be an insane year for cryptos!

This is amazing! I hope Eth hits 1000 U.S.D. and ripple hits 5. Happy new year to you and your family. God bless!

Great show as always Omar. Now here is your spicy Crypt0 meme of the day!

i liked in your post


plz support me also buy following and upvoting my blogs .
i folowed and upvoted you

i saw this video your post is great post and i liked in your all post i am waiting for your next post

It is very good news that Ethereum is increasing mood. Happy new year @crypt0 . I feel good to hear that you feel happy. As a follower I wish your success always. I have come to know many information about crypto currency by your valuable video. Thanks for sharing dear.

Happy New Year!!! @Crypt0 keep the news coming!

posting is very extraordinary and very useful once.
but I would like to ask you one opinion, what is your prediction about bitcoin prices in early 2018 and by the end of 2018, is it more expensive or vice versa,
What is your opinion?

Nice video

i don't know what's happening exactly...but seems to me that great revulation will happened in this cryptocurrency
thank you..

Nice post.
I like it.

don't get carried over, ethereum has time to grow, it's always like that, a burst then a few steps back to consolidate

Glad to hear you are feeling kinda crappy today, we are suppose to on January one right? Proof we are alive. Just found you guys on Steemit, here's a bump!

i like your all post happy new year god bless you

nice post.... thanks for sharing

Thanks . I always feel smarter after reading your posts. Please keep sharing your thoughts. interesting post

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im a firm believer that ethereum will make you squeal like a little piggy as its going to sky rocket and be the platinum of coins and tokens as there are so many forks its not funny. It is a true foundation and base for so much. Im hording mine. Are you hording yours?

eth is the much attractive coin and the growth of eth in first of 2 days of the year is brilliant and hope it will be growing more up in this year CRYPT0 SIR

images (4).jpg

Useful and informative post thanks for sharing @crypt0

good post

I'm just scared of Ethereum fork :/ But if Coinbase adds ripple, only the sky is a limit

amazing run for eth! 1000usd would be amazing

Any thoughts about LTC and DENT??

get this ETH to Neil armstrong

Hey, guys, I have a general Crypto question, if you can answer me I will much appreciate it. So the question is: Is it better to trade Alts -- ALT for $, or ALT for BTC, which one is better and why?


In my opinion, it depends what your intention is after you trade. If you intend to reinvest those funds, then if BTC is your only choice as opposed to $, then go with BTC. If you want to take advantage of whatever profit you have brewing, then $. It just depends on whether you intend to recirculate those funds back into trading or if you intend to cash out.

Im very excited for ripple to come to coinbase, will definitely go up substantially! May I remind you to use gdax instead for lower fees:)

ETH will reach $1k in 2018 and that's a fact! Believe it or not, Ethereum is undervalued at this moment and it would still be a right move to invest even at the current price of $880.00!

Happy New year2018 crypt0! How about the STEEM moon today?

I am expecting ETH to drop again (enough to buy) before the real push up and forward!

ETH has always been there. The technology is amazing!

Good night buddy, nice to meet you, good luck for steemit community

New Year pleased the owners of the ETH. Let's hope for further growth.

eth will go to 2k once it releases casper. check out raiden thought that thing is going to fly

Hangover lol Party Hard

Great video... Got a lot of information. No one help you to tell you about it. Thanks @crypt0

Ethereum is undervalued relative to the other coins that rose so high! I believe ETH will get to $2000 soon

Great video. I believe that ETH will have good growth in the coming week. It will definitely going to cross 1000$ mark.

And getting a crypto mental health coach if the trip to the moon gives too many sleepless nights! :-)

Just when you think ripple is done pumping... off it goes again

I think we are looking at $1200 eth by the weekend. Thanks for this great video.

Great post! voted and resteemed :)

Awesome introduction into the world of cryptocurrencies . everything from the presentation to content as well as setup , simply excellent . you clearly know your stuff . thank you very much .So im now follow you ! @crypt0

Hey guys , I just made a new post about what to expect next on ethereum , check my page follow and upvote thanks

thank so much

Another good opportunity that you guys might wanna check out is salt.Just did a write up on it and why i think its good.Cheers!

Thank you for great video😍

Happy New Year! Great to see you on Steemit!

Great video as always! ETH is going to blast off soon and be up there above $1500 USD by spring for sure, I feel so strong that this is the one cryptocurrency and blockchain tech that has been proven, and now widely used by new things such as cryptokitties to test it out in the real world. Even under heavy and high volume, the fees managed to still be low, and it was slow at times, but now its seemed to really be fast and cheap. The last few days of trading in and out of it, and to and from wallet addresses, the transactions have been blazing fast, and super cheap also!

ohhh yea ETH is not only top 2 coin in coin market cap.
its also more fast and reliable than other crypto currency .
but in my view now ETH is standing on the same stage where the giant btc stands a year ago like btc =$1000..

so we can se a massive spike in the ETH in the coming year wher we can say ETH @ or around $10k.which is not impossible for ETH till the end of year .
so here we have still chance for accumulating ETH when it is still low loke hell ..

I think stars aligning for much good times for Ethereum. A wonderful opportunity to head start in life.

I hope so much that Ripple hits coinbase/gdax early this year. It has so much momentum, if it gets added then it will send it through the moon.

If ripple goes to coin base then ripple will be more than just what banks use .

Happy new year man :) I think Ethereum will be 1000$ but I haven't taken it yet, u know :( Did ı miss the train to you? What u think?

if XRP gets on coinbase say hello to 5+ dollars within 3 months.

The banks will use XRP to purchase BTC ... if you have XRP hold on to it... just sell your profit into BTC once the XRP wave is done it will go into BTC... just watch.

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Ripple rockets past ethereum to become 2nd most valuable cryptocurrency after bitcoin