ETH Could Overtake BTC in 2018 / Microraiden Releases On Mainnet! / Bittrex Threats / Much More!

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Informative piece

Yo ,
Thanks for the great content

Well it is clear as day that Ethereum does do more and picks up the slack of Bitcoin, it offers smart contracts and can handle about 10x the amount of transactions bitcoin can.


Yes I'm link bombing, but I think this is information that needs to be shared.

Coinbase considers transfers of crypto off the platform as a sale for later reporting to the IRS.

Please Resteem..

Ethereum definitily is the better tech in the market, but the market needs to mature alot to be able to surpass bitcoin, i think bitcoin can be used as digital gold on the feature and eth as the main gear.
Thanks for sharing

I don't think the market is irrational between BTC and ETH, except perhaps that ETH is valued too high. They're for different purposes, although ether can be transacted in a way similar to Bitcoin. Think for long term--what is worth more in the future relative to today's price? Bitcoin may very well become a reserve currency of nations and individuals. If it achieves this, it'll be worth more than $500,000 per Bitcoin. Ethereum may very well become a decentralized world computer. Question is, does the value of ether need to be high for it to become this? Additionally, which has a riskier roadmap for development of its technology and will speed bumps derail its progress? To this latter question, I'd say that ethereum has way more risk inherent in its development, particularly because Bitcoin could, for the sake of argument, not change ever again and it would still exist and fulfill its intended function, which is to store and transfer value. Also, keep in mind what drove the price of ether higher: the ICO craze. Ethereum is not being used for anything beyond speculation and feeding token creators. Furthermore, ICOs hold a lot of ether and many haven't even begun burning much of it or unloading it, at least at the velocity that they'll reach if they ever launch a product. I'd say Bitcoin is more likely to go up by a non-trivial amount at this time than ether.

LOL I just finished watching this video on YouTube with my phone.

I liked it so much I decided to give you a MINNOWBOOST :-D
"You got an upgoat worth roughly 7.385 SBD" by sarahlouise

this amazing conversation..betwèen you and her....Elle & Crypt0!
thank you so much.......

@keep it up...
let us know more news..


Ether cant takeover BTC ...ETH is taken as a technology and BTC as an ETH market is distributed amongst other similar ones like NEO but BTC has no such competition being an asset like gold

I have seen many beautiful and very important BDOs

Etherium should see a spike in price once the bitcoin hype is over

Amazing post @crypt0 Blockchain is awesome RESTEEMED and shared in the facebook group

muzakirpb upvote, posting is perfect

big fan of you crypto...Keep the good work going!!!

This is a great,
I upvoted you as a witness :) good luck!

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Crypt0, I like you but you;re videos are way too long man! Cut it down to max 10 mins

i dont think ETH will overwhelm BTC.
because ETH is too complicate to use.
today no one trade directly with gold.

I agree! my technical analysis also indicate that one day ETH will surpass bitcoin. Check out my analysis guys

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Love the show, thank you for what you do...

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