Ep. #533 (Part 2)- McAfee Isn't Wrong, But BTC (And Other Cryptocurrencies) Will Be Worth MUCH More

in crypto-news •  2 years ago 

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I dont think people can comprehend that prices that we see now are just the beginning, once the pattern of popularity continues amongst the coins, the more that they are mined, and they more that many of them are hoarded, its going to be aboslutely insane in 10 years. nearly all the top 20 coins will go through a price explosion compared to bitcoin at some point simply because of the energy around the projects and scarcity of the coins

Another great video @crypt0 and you're absolutely right - we are still staring at the beginning of bigger things to come in the crypto world. Despite all of these recent red days and weeks, the current 76 billion market cap is still way above last year's amount. I have no doubt in my mind that we're headed for a trillion dollar market, maybe by the beginning of next year. Could be even sooner with more ICOs getting backed by big money later this summer (e.g. Unikrn with Mark Cuban). Nice sunglasses!


Facebook allone has a marcetcap of > $400 billion, so 76 billion for the total crypto market is still a joke...


Facebook has also been around since 2004 while cryptocurrencies are still very new. Just wait until they reach mainstream adoption....

Thanks for another excellent video Omar :D

these are some triggering points of cryptocurrency
I can see a better tomorrow for all those who ever having cryptocurrency like bitcoin, ethereum, dash and steem.
@crypt0 thanks man


Totally agree1

McAfee was drunk af


He my be drunk... but funny anyways...


yeah pretty damn funny xD

Thanks for a great video @crypt0

If us humans have greater patience, we would have richer lives

Just remember the lowest prices hit this week is still more than DOUBLE than the prices of cryto currencies 6 months ago
Jan 19 2017 Price
BTC - 888.34
ETH - 10.24
LTC - 3.84

Thank you for sharing. I like shorter videos like this one.I agree 100% on your whole outlook on crypto currencies and how everyone needs to talk more about them. Great car video as always :)

@crypt0 WOW!! I like the connection between fractals and bitcoin. I experienced this phenomenon of the universe during meditation or with psychedelics. But you are right ... it is happening anytime, everywhere - even with the crypto movement :) resteemed

But if bitcoin is divided into two parts, which of them will cost 5 thousand, and which will drop almost to zero?


Look at ETC/ETH... both are not at zero and trade higher than before the split...

thanks for your nice video

@crypt0 As long as momentum on the blockchain moves forward, the value of the currencies involved contain an inherent will to match this progress. I completely agree that this value will inevitably increase, despite those currencies that fall to the side along the way, the blockchain technology will move forward carrying some with it.

Hi Crypto, Great video! I've been watching them for months! You have helped me so much! Thanks!

Grt video

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Another good video. Thanks for the reminder on long-term thinking.

OMG Omar, I actually never put a reply under any post anywhere, I am mostly invisible on the internet. But for this video I am making an exception. You told EVERYTHING the way I think about EVERYTING. It's like you read my mind :P.

I've been following you for a couple of months now and I think you are really informative. This philosophical video was next level!

Blockchain will give a massive boost to global consciousness.

Keep it up!

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