Ep. #533 (Part 1)- McAfee Isn't Wrong, But BTC (And Other Cryptocurrencies) Will Be Worth MUCH More

in crypto-news •  2 years ago 

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The world is moving away from the petrodollar. In fact, this trend seems to be accelerating. Just recently China/Russia put in place a way to trade gold outside of London's Metal Exchange. It sure strikes me that every major player is looking to diversify outside of USD (Treasury bonds) and set up liquidity channels with Euro, China, Russia, Japan.

When the petrodollar weakens, it will bring all of the greenbacks home and cause hyperinflation (that is, if a sovereign debt issue is not realized first). Not many are paying attention to this story, impressed that you even mention it! Agree that these developments are bullish for crypto, however the path will be riddled with FUD.


Yep. We're already in it. Buy Bitcoin:)

Damn man this was realllly good. Im only on part one so ill comment again on part 2 when i get home. I couldnt agree more, the dollar is about to colapse and im upset there isnt people on the streets yet in anger wondering how they could DEVALUE THEIR LIFE. That Bitcoin sign guy couldn't have held it up at a better time. The captions underneath literately said "yellen: strongly opposed to auditing the fed". solution: buy bitcoin.

Just paused the video to drop a quick comment, I think we are still in a bearish trend, but i think in the next few weeks we def see a up trend coming.

Awesome video as always :D Very inspirational!

Waiting for the best cryptocurrency backed by 100% gold/silver :)


what do you think about DGD/digix?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

$5 Trillion in Crypto by 2019. We could very well see $1 Trillion into next year. McFee is too bullish on BTC. He does not realize yet the market cap will be over taken eventually by an alt coin.


Wish we new which one!



Thank you @crypt0 ... it's the best video from you I've watched till now.

I wondered myself why governments don't create their own crypto since it should be easy for them.

I also know that no one cares about you and you need to help yourself when the big sh*t happens.

For me it's not always about getting rich it's about independence from jobs and money for my family.

Diversify, buy crypto, buy water and food for a few days in case of a bank holiday, keep some metals, and keep a positive attitude because this is a necessary transition and the dawn of a new reality. Get to know your neighbors and steem on!

Sometimes the road of life is rough but you need to go thru with it to get a good place



It like we need to go thru this correction to reach the heights that our investment in Bitcoin and other crytocurrency

It is like forging steel. It needs a lot of pounding to make strong steel


Only solution is to die lol.


yes for those who are not made of iron :)

Way to keep it real many very personal story thanks for sharing!

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This is scary times, and most do not even see it coming. You try to share this info with your friends and family and everyone thinks you are a weirdo.

UPTREND has begun! sort of?

I was sitting playing with some bitcoin related numbers on my calculator and the numbers of people in the world and ended up with bitcoin being worth 1440$ of today's value in a not too distant future. This was back in Mars this year Omar.

You just got really real Omar

Thanks for share.

Very good video @crypt0 !!The idea of hyperinflation and the death of the banks is what got me into the cryptocurrencies. I think it is very possible for #Bitcoin to reach those levels - I think of it as less liquid active, something like gold is, all the others cryptocurrencies are connected with Bitcoin. In a future world, where you use cryptocurrency on a daily basis I think it would be musch easier for the average people to use their funds if the prices of the goods they buy are more user friendly. Probably a very liquid cryptocurrency with price around the price of USD or EUR right now will be used the most.