Ep. #520- BTCC Adds ETH! / Bitwage Now In U.K. / Japan - Delaware - Thailand Fintech Advancements

in crypto-news •  last year

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Careful bro, Wallace is secretly trying to steal your thunder. P.S. he has also been quietly siphoning off your Bitcoin slowly as you sleep, and is about to become the first crypto millionaire dog in history. That emergency he had was that he forgot to call to double check if his G5 was fully fueled and waiting on the runway for his eventual escape. Word on the street is that he has his stolen booty spread across 36 different wallets and has spent hours memorizing all the private keys to leave no paper-trail, maximizing his chances of success. He's a true mastermind you might say, I'd watch him closely if I were you otherwise you might be the one out in the doghouse soon. Oh and his real name isn't Wallace...


This is gold, bro. I'm saving this, and hopefully remember to read it in the next vid. You rock :D


But seriously...I have to keep an eye on him from now on o.0


I'm lost. Who is this so called Wallace fellow?


@crypt0 !!!

Frank APPROVES this BOOK!!!


very cute! much good idea!


Oh, if I could only up vote you twice, halfscreen... :D




so @crypt0 can up vote you a second time... :D


I guess you're getting that double vote- but you deserve it more than most, with how long you've encouraged me to keep making these vids. Cheers, and mucho thanks!


(((who me!?)))


Hey brother...

Appreciate you remembering me!

I remember watching your videos on YouTube last year before YOU and a few others kept mentioning Steemit and I finally gave it a GO!

WE ALL are THANKING YOU @crypt0 and WILL continue to support YOU and your channel.

===>>> don't change <<<===

RESPECT (fist bump)



Of course! I always see and recognize your name, and always will fistbumpback :D


Thanks. I know you would like that one Crypt0.


This is honestly the best thing I've ever seen.


Great idea :D

@crypt0 should think about it.


Funny but will sell very fast! $4.99 lol


This shit is hilarious yet accurate! Omar is definitely going to be one of the leading major figures in crypto no doubt about it. Already is!!


hahah.the dog are in the book too

Great news as always...my favorite cryptonews channel


Yeah, his crypto news are always awesome. :)

Great work bro @crypt0


Can u tell me how can we withdraw the money earned from this website?

Haha, the GDAX crash was really funny.

@crypt0, have you read this news, and what do you think about it : "GOLDMAN SACHS: Bitcoin could see a big drop then surge to almost $4,000"



Do you still believe what Goldman Sachs say?


You are right xD

Always useful watching your videos! Now with Wallace backing the info 🐶

Thanks so much for the news. It was very informative. The Bitwage service seems to be an interesting way to get paid in cryptocurrency than fiat currency. Though, it also sounds like it has features that make it a competitor against both Upwork and Fiverr.

Yaayy another reason to keep holding my precious ETH :D
Thanks crypto for the good, constant content.

Watching now, sick earth background :)

Crypto's Noticias !


Si!!! Por la noche, o en la mañana... Despierta mundo! :D


wepaa manito!!


Omar Sabe!

Take care, and stay CRYPTIC. Peace! <3

Thank you Omar you have inspired me to start my own YouTube channel! I focus on future tech, altcoins, and ICO's.

Thank you for your great content!! I try to watch it all!


whATS YOUR YOUTUBE, I love getting as many perspective as i can


I'd love to hear more about the differences between ICO's that are legit versus scams and how to spot them.

Bitwage, damn, that sounds like the beginning of the boom, things are making their way to the big time. Just read a lot about the Delaware legislation. big moves in the right direction @crypt0 ! Much love and success.

Keep the vids and content coming, great stuff.

Boom boom
You're making crypto as future.
Proud of you sir @crypt0

glad to see that cryptocurrency is gaining a lot of attention from governments, will give the market exposure, and help drive investors into this market!

Very informative videos mate!

Keep it up!


Intros are getting better :p

Your definitely my fav news Crypt0 :)

Upvoted...thus donation given. Screw Youtube...lol
Thanks for keeping us updated.

Just in time. YEEEAH. I love this channel. The BTCC thing is interesting... hum. Ethereum might go up pretty soon.

Thanks for the cryto news! #1

I am so looking forward to new insights on your daily videos, they keep me stay up to date of the new happenings and make sense of it all in an easy to understand, bite-size way. Alright, I'm off watching your video now :)

"They are not loses till you sell" I like that. Right on Delaware. Enjoy this post. I have a friend in Japan I been sharing with, he will be happy about that tax exemption. Awesome news!

not going to lie...I stop spanking my monkey to watch this video.



Thank you for this news, it will be easier for virtual professionals here in the Philippines to invoice our clients from UK.

Love your daily shows! keep up the great work!

You got me worried now Omar... when did we switch over to British Real?!

I haven't been to the shops yet today; hope they will still accept my old Pounds £££


Wallace hype! Another great show Omar - thanks for bringing us all the latest crypto news. Your show has become my must see tv :)

Glad i found u on YT. Even happier that ur on steemit. AND you have the same name as me! OMAR, is starting to become more popular amongst the population.

Keep the vids coming! And if you're ever down in San Diego, let a brotha know!!!

Thank you so much @crypt0 for the update...

Thx for keepin us updated :)

Crypto. You've always been informative and full of content. Never boring and your analysis is pretty spot on. Continue the good work and I will continue to follow.

Thanks again for all the info ive only been buying in coinbase for a couple of weeks. On steemit for one week and have been following you because of your great content and great presentation. You ve really helped this newbie lol

I'm always looking forward to your news! Thank you!


Upvoted !!

Given the recent news, looks as things are starting to move up again

Good one crypto. good luck.

Nice articule bro. Keep it up

I m always be here to like ur posts

Look I just wanna ask; what do you guys think will happen to altcoins , like should we invest in them or will they fall on 1 August based on what will happen to bitcoin

Just a friendly heads up, I noticed some echo in your intro.

I just moved to Delaware. Thanks for the info @crypt0!!

This is somewhat unrelated, but I just saw the spike in Veritaseum's price and IIRC you told us in a previous video you invested in that currency, so I wanted to congratulate you, awesome call :)

Keep up the good work!

Wallace is back! Also nice disclaimer, gotta keep yourself safe from people looking to cause trouble. Also I have been enjoying the length of the videos lately.I think my personal preference for your video length is around 20 minutes. Can easily put you on when I am eating or in the middle of something if I did not catch the stream live. Steem On Crypt0 Thanks Man!

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Just bought my first cold storage wallet off of your referral link! :) I am excited to get my free t short and trezor in the mail about 3 months from now. 😏

Have you heard about the newest ico scam EROS? Apparently their white paper was taken down from their site because of plagiarism.

I really don't know what to think anymore of ICO's that are popping up left and right.

And now LITECOIN is in a BOOM! New All time high, where do you think this is going @crypt0?

Thanks for the info and constant news updates

Big up to Crypt0 for always hitting us with the realist information. All the best

I heard eth to the moon soon :D