EOS "Virus" Is Discovered - False Flag, Negligence, Or Evil Black Hat Scheme? / XVG Hacked. Again.

in crypto-news •  6 months ago

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Good one, again!....:)...

Stop trashing EOS sr.

Given the scale and hype behind EOS, I am not surprised the are undergoing so much scrutiny. However, I think this has been the plan from day one. The EOS team has wanted this year long ICO to persist in order to gather as much resources from both a financial and qualitative aspect possible in order to develop a strong platform as well as a strong community to support it. These bugs will persist as with most software, but the strength will be behind how the community and team behind the platform execute on the fixes during the launch. There is enough incentive for this to be successfully launched.

AFTER Larimer put that bug bounty out worth $10k, I am pretty sure multiple parts of that bug issues has been fixed already ;)


I think 10k is small he need to give hackers more money who will report a bug for 10k if he can stole 1M ?

Yet another great car video. Thank you for all the news and updates. All the FUD around EOS is understandable.People should know that nothing is ever 100% perfect on this earth. There will always be bumps and turns that need to be fixed and life has to go on :)

??? Get that tin foil hat . . . Pft.

busy times ahead for EoS, those 2.6mil lines of code gonna be fun

”Virus” detected, that is the wrong word to use for sure, more like click bait detected.

Also, it was fixed the same day and as someone already mentioned, EOS a a very complex, just like any operating sysyetm and I am glad they are finding and fixing these issues before launch.

At least with EOS, if a major issue is found after launch it can be resolved without having to hardfork the chain unlike older protocols.