Cryptocurrencies Smash Upward... Reversal Time? -- Crypt0 LIVE! Saturday News & Hangout

in crypto-news •  6 months ago

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It seemed so but it's down a bit this evening.

Cryptos to the Moon!....:)...


Bitcoin is still going up, I think!

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I think it's gone to test again 5800$

"Tapped on the shoulder" - That is what happens to shorter guys :-)

Hi Omar, you asked what we were most excited about and what we most use every day in the crypto space.

I said on the chat but maybe you didn’t see it. I am very excited about the main online newspaper in Argentina: It has published a crypto fixed-section on crypto:


And MOST IMPORTANT, they said that will make a token for their website. I assume that they are thinking on an ERC20 or something like that, but this is perfect opportunity for SMT. The newspaper has 56 million users, 5 million daily views, its huge, not only it is read in Argentina, also in Latin America.

Here is the link, which you can read in Spanish as you know the language:

I sent an email to @andrarchy about it, because, although it is huge for blockchain is a massive opportunity for smart media tokens too.

I don't think bull run has started, the market will fall again. But slowly it will rise.

Finally the market is green. Hope it's not a trap and the market now takes the bullet train to the moon.
BTW how is your acting going on?


I think it is trap.

The green line hitted this morning gives a lot of hope. I think the bull time is knocking!

ETH transaction continue to be the most clogged up blockchain as per Blocktivity which is driving the fees higher. Good in the sense that volumes are still driven by the Ethereum ecosystem but bad due to need of scalability in order to support improved adoption.

in time things will get better, be it a few months or a year, just sit and HODL

Not sure about this bounce... I think it is just a temporary one as no big volume has really come on to either side.

haha... heard my name on your show... Craig :)

Riak is not gone any time it will fail again but i'm very happy for today market

5800 does definitely look like it could be bottom. we've been oversold for a while and July could prove bullish. i've charted a long term trend line that, if holds true, could see btc bottoming out around 4500$ in september. either way, i can see 100k btc by end of 2019.

I think rolled down time over and start wining time