Crypto Markets Continue To Shred / Stock Market Woes / Apple Founder Sells His BTC (Crypt0 Minute)

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As the Markets CRASH, I will be buying everything up!

Nice interview, I always get a kick out of explaining bitcoin to noobs lol

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thanks for share this crypto news

hahahaha not feel good to see market and after listen it that maybe it will go more below...but thanx to share your video and talk on market and give your reviews always and also give us new informations @omar
and it will be more bad if crypto holders sales it in these days
your work is good to help and give new news to all of us keep it up always man
i am waiting from you a good news for a good up trend

Just like the Apple founder, I also sold, but only 5% of my BTC. Unfortunately, I sold at a low price of $6500. I am hoping to buy that BTC back at $5500.

Thanks for sharing crypto news..I appreciate your every post..Best of luck.

Great recap,.. yeah,... we have to really see it as an opportunity... How many of us (less than 1 yr in Crypto) always talk about how we wish we were in at $1,000 BTC we only say that when price was 14k-18k ... now its at 6k for first time since fall.. and people are crying to but at same time.. will we ever see BTC/Alt coins at these prices once the market rebounds and then climbs.... if BTC never dips down below 20k in 2018...2019.. we will be saying i should have really stocked up during the low of 6k.. So i think we(people new to crypto as myself less than a yr) should Be aware of what advice we would have given ourselves 5 months from now, 10 months from now .. I mean c'mon.. the tech is only evolving, more money is bound to come into crypto, as well as more real life integration of crypto and blockchain. This is where millionaires get made.. we are always talking about buy low sell high.... this is the buy low part.. not ..wish for prices to go back and be stable.. Stability kills opportunity.. if btc remained constant say 15k never going below 14.5 never going above 15.5 .. who would make money? Pretty much just multi-millionaires.. Thanks Crypt0 for the vid + recap vid.. to all those in crypto don't be short sighted.. Its always darkest before the dawn.. ~Leo

Useful informations @crypt0.
Upvoted and Resteemed!

This market is getting slammed like a freight train.

cool buddy n thanks for sharing it @crypt0

Very nice post, thanks for sharing

Hopefully if they stop taking credit cards that will help prevent people from going further in debt. Debt free living is the way! You should do everything you can to not have debt.

Excellent information of bitcoin, very nice post, thanks for sharing

Useful and informative post thank you dear friend @crypt0
thanks for shareing anather lovely nformative
vid :)

resteem & upvoted

the market sometimes is in not a very well period, however. Thoese informations are interresting , great work , i support u

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