Crypt0's VLOG: Ether Solid Buy / Eros Love Coin Scam / EOD Thoughts / Crypto Elders / The Future

in crypto-news •  2 years ago

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Lots of interesting stuff in this video. As for "the crappy car videos", I figure anytime you can multi-task remotely efficiently you should go for it. Seems like a great use of time to me.

Are you still expecting a substantial crypto-market pull-back, based on your recent video noting the repeating pattern in past Bitcoin run-ups?


Reading the Eros whitepaper like


Thanks for the dank upvote @crypt0! I watching and listen to your videos every morning when I get ready for work. I'm looking at providing value to the community like you are, but in my own way. If you'd follow me i will do my best to not dissapoint! Mad love from South Africa. Thanks again for all the info and advice :) You inspire me!

In this video you incorrectly say that there is already 700 million EOS tokens distributed. However there was only 200 million distributed in the first 5 day window and there will be 2 million distributed each day for almost a year.

Hey Omar, Thanks for letting everyone know of the scam. I'm sure that people would have been fooled by it, if not for your video. And I can't believe the sheer laziness of the scammers!

I love your vids crypto!!! :D keep up the good work

I enjoyed your video man.....wait did you just mean EROS coin blockchain is trying to promote prostitution?? Crap.........even if their token is going to be very profitable in the long run,I'm not investing in that SHIT....

You inspire me very much! Here you can see my post about How you can get rich on steemit :) Upvote! :)

I like your vlog & FOLLOW your every post .. i want to start a campaign for improving vlog interest in steemit users

Really cool your vlog. I will follow you because I like your way of thinking. I watch your video.

I should have bought veritasium tokens when there were 10 to 1 ethereum :(

One of the Best crypto sources! Great vlog

thanks for sharing with us your thoughts!

I live for these car videos. Thank you for all the crypto news, I like the way u break it down,followed u here from you tube. For a moment I thought u said EOS instead of EROS...scary. Keep the videos coming

I don't like driving and talking videos.

Nice video, followed =)

lol the crypto elders

Back in my day we sat on the poloniex troll box all night, And we liked it.

EROS first thing come to my mind is to watch your videos and your guidance are truely appreciated .
You give us such a valuable guidelines
Thank you
Steem on ! @crypt0

Congrats on the Crush The Street interview coming up. I am already subbed to them so I will have to make sure not to miss that show once it is released.

Keep up the good work!

Great i am going long on ether again and there is a new coin called dentacoin!!! For dentist

Hi Omar
Thanks for the warning fo the EROS coin. I thought it had a good potential if it was not a scam 
I do believe Bitcoin has replaced gold as the safe haven investment. That is why bitcoin even with the price correction is double now the price of gold. I agree there will be demand for gold & silver to create those mining chips need to create more altcoins. But not as store of value
I don’t think there will be a scarcity of FIAT currency as Central Banks can always print more dollars
But I am concerned if America does fall behind the adoption of crptocurrency . As other nations embrace Bitcoins and other alt coins, there will be less demand for US dollar as a reserve currency and
With US federal government and some state discouraging Bitcoins businesses , America might be left behind by the Bitcoin boom. This would really impact the Global economy as it get decoupled from the US dollar


It like gold or the US dollar. you can convert it easily to fiat money. Not every country can cash ETH OR LITECOIN , you need to convert to convert it first to Bitcoin

Then also there is its high value, what alt coin is valued at above 2000 usd ?
Gold is valuable because it is worth more than 1000 usd. Other metals are rarer or more useful. But gold is what we use as one of the foundation of our financial system

Basically value of a coin it not always what can it can do but what value we assign to it. And we place value on US DOLLAR, GOLD and BITCOIN


That is what I don't understand. Why is Bitcoin a good store of value? What is that value? Steem is clearly useful, ETH is needed for running the EVM, Dash is good for privacy, etc. But Bitcoin? It's useless for anything other than buying with fiat and trading for altcoins. Once you can buy altcoins directly, Bitcoin will be worthless. Or am I not seeing things. With Ethereum, anybody can "replicate Bitcoin" by making a simple contract. Please explain where does the Bitcoin value come from.


Have you found your brother? :D

Thanks for keeping us uptodate on the all recent news. Kuddos man.

Good job on this, thanks for the info.

Thanks for information man, probably gonna skip this coin lol.

Good video, lots of info, as usual, thanks ! Cool GPS btw ! ;-)

Thanks for the very enlightening video @crypt0. :)

Vlogging while driving like a boss.

Love the vids dude! Very newsy and interesting. Your daughter has a lovely smile LOL

As always, thanks for the detailed video.
Please keep us updated about any meetups or events happening in LA. I'm trying to connect with more and more people involved in crypto. It would be great to meet some in person.
Cheers! :)

Thanks for this post

Yeah, good heads-up on the scam Omar, but with the craze for ICOs at the moment we should be expecting a few of these to come out. As you say, people will only take care when a lot of money is lost on one.

LA traffic, eh? Not sure what all the fuss is about :)

Hey @crypt0, what do you think about Craig Wright's rant last weekend?

Thanks for your video. I am following you and find your videos informative. I agree that with Metropolis coming Ether is a good buy. Have you done any videos regarding NEM (XEM)? I just did some research and since January 1st of this year XEM has outperformed ETH by 1700%.

Eros will be real deal thats for sure

It would be cool to be a crypto elder one day!

Great vids! Keep them coming.

Awesome video! Thanks for researching EROS and letting everyone know about the scam. I just bought a trezor using crypto wallet and I am pumped about getting the free ethereum shirt.

Have you ever invested into an ICO?

Crypt0, this was a great topic. I believe that the crypto economy is absolutely a new paradigm for us to step into as fiat dissolves. Whether that happens quickly or slowly remains to be seen. These ICO's are sort of determining the pace....and we need more exchanges to handle the fiat exit doors.

Watched this on youtube the other day so I thought I'd give you some love on steemit.
Videos in the car. Oldie but Goodie :)

Like where your channel is going man! Keep up the good work 😀