Crypt0's News: August 14th, 2017 (Bitcoin MOONing Pre-Segwit Activation / ETH Price Could 4x Soon)

in crypto-news •  last year

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Thanks for sharing

Cool photo I'm actually in the process of obtaining a yellow Lamborghini.


Aren't we all ;) j/'re actually in the process of getting one= that's EPIC! Congrats.


Thanks its going to be a huge process. I am only doing it because my friend in california that owns a wrecking yard already has two. He got them the same way he's going to help me get mine. By buying one somewhat wrecked from a car auction. I'm going to have to save and slowly buy parts for it which might take me a few years because they are outrageous but it runs and everything. Some rich guy just rear ended someone haha so I'll be fixing something he didn't care about.


Lambo is lambo, lambo calrissian!


This is cool AF!

Very nice and good post, I like this post. @na722

Video is not clear but we can learn from the voice. nice bitcoin analysis by the way. i am sure bitcoin will reaches $5k in the next couple of days.

Very good. . I like your post. . Thankyou for sharing @crypto. . I have followed you. .

Hi craig!


Hey hey my man!


that's a hilarious intro man. I do wonder what your opinion of some of the other youtubers is!

hey @crypt0 Just curious what was the @craig-grant reference in the beginning of your video? I noticed he has been taking a lot of flak lately when all he has done is introduced Steemit to many many people... and he has shared his experiences as a crypto enthusiast. Seems like many are mad because of his connection with Bitconnect but so far no one has any reason to knock bitconnect unless you MISSED OUT, then you can become a hater.

Anyhow, just wondering what was your thoughts on why you brought him up.

Thanks and full steem ahead!


I love the guy. Been buds a while..just messing and giving him a shout out. Cheers


Oh ok, that is cool @crypt0 not that he needs it but it's nice to see someone supporting rather than cutting down. A lot of that has been going around lately.
Anyhow, keep it coming @crypt0 and I saw that review on Etheroll Dice and Funfair.

True that on the sell-off of other coins. I noticed everything else I have (very small stakes in 10+ alts) dropped huge today. My first thought was "everybody's selling them for btc right now".. It was glad to hear that you feel the same, thanks. I'm totally Hodling everything.

Good point about the whales and how they relate to the volatility of the market. Thanks for sharing!

nice u make video with on drive and really btc go to very high but eth is low from its high 384 and hope eth will grow up soon @crypt0


Ye ETH will drop 4x soon to under $100

Another great episode :)

Hello Omar,
I should have bought the first 85% discounted round of SALT for $1.50
Now the $3 is closed
Only 9% left of the $5 round.
Next round is $7.50
Opening on the markets at $10 next year
Thanks for the post mate.

Thank you for the warning about the Etherium.

Thanks for providing such a informative news .
I m newbie here . Please upvote me.

Here is my introduction post . Please have a look on it.

Bought 10 ETH yesterday and I'm hoping it's going to be a good investment...

Hi ..

Nice of you to share your thoughts...

You are very right about your observation on Bitcoin. I've been into Technical Research of various asset classes since past thirteen years , though I am new to the crypto space. However my understanding of BTC charts suggests a sharp reversal in Bitcoin in next few weeks and months. Just one question though. If say hypothetically Bitcoin were to correct would the selling not consequently spill over to the entire Alt coin space ? Thanks..

Nice analysis ! Maybe bitcoin will green day by day due a lot of improvements

Lucky you;) I reccomend you to upload this video to dtube!

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Much value!

As always, thanks for your consistent flow of reporting the news with style... even in the dark.

nice info .. so it's time for ETH

Great video!

Great information, as always! @crypt0
Upvoted and resteemed

About half way through the video I looked at the screen for the first time and realised I can't see anything because it's so dark!

Not that it matters.

Ethereum, after the coco announcment, is going to rocket at some point.

And Alibaba have you heard about his?
They have a Ripple node active now!!!

Thanks for your thoughts Omar.


Do you have T.P. for my bunghole? I would hate for my bungholio to get polio.