Crypt0's News: August 13th, 2017 (Pay Less Fees To Buy Crypto / Smart Contract Templates / More!)

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Ether Party Smart Contracts

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Great content as aways my friend!

Thanks for sharing @crypt0 :D

Alright, I'll try but blogging is hard to do regularly. I'm a private person, but yeah. You are right.

But bitcoin buying price is very high than selling price.

Right? I want more before it goes much higher. I suppose trading other crypto tokens may be a way as my investment savings are tapped out at the moment.

Great vid as always! Thanks for everything you do!

Good stuff, thanks as always Crypt0!

Thanks Omar! I'm having profit like only crypto can give! Probably all thanks to you and your always positive look on the market in the long run. What are your thoughts about over diversifying? I have about 80% of my portfolio in 10 good coins, but almost 40 more speculative.... Do you think this is way too much? Appreciate any comments...

My husband used to trade and ended up losing a good amount because he just didn't understand the charts yet and he took your advice about HODLing and now we're up thousands!!! Thanks Crypt0!!!

Great content !Glad I'm subscribed to you on Youtube and have followed you over here. Crypto's are complex to understand at first and it's nice to have someone demystify the information.

Thanks for keeping us up to date with the most reliant new on crpto , i'm also keeping a lookout for more updates on this topic

Great work as always! Have a good week, my friend! Upvoted and resteemed

Wow...... Awesome post

Interesting times... and to think it's only the beginning!

you should check Blockcat !, BlockCAT lets anyone create, manage, and deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain with just a few clicks. No programming required.

thank you for your informastion @crypt0
follow me @hattaarshavin

Good video, you also have to be aware of the alt coin

great share.

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Great news & Update
Followed ( your blog is so interessing)

LOVE! brother. Thanks for the always informative update. Good tip about Gdax; might save me some bucks over time. We need to be careful though; I haven't checked it out yet, but I'd guess we will be paying the "spread", the difference between the bid and ask. That might be ok, but be sure to use a limit order, as you mentioned, not a market order. A market order could get costly. Peace!

I agree on the swing trading tactic. Trying to time the market never works. Jump from one wave to the next if you want to trade. Always best to hodl though.

Thanks for the post Omar,
I like Gdax thru coinbase but coinbase do not allow Canadian banking transfers? boo...
Any suggestions for Canadians?

Always put in that Steemit plug at the end @crypt0 lol. I try to do the same thing when I post on any other social media site.

This is great advice steemians! Buy a ledger nano S wallet and use the promo code above for a discount. I have been using my nano S and it is great stuff.


You should checkout It's a smart contract platform that just had it's it's ICO. I think it going to do what you were talking about in this video.

Love these short & car vids :)

Always follow your post


1minute could save 1% on fees....Thanks! for the tip on GDAX!!!

Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

100% upvote for me!! Could you be so kind as to give us your take on how to make passive income in cryptos. i think it is important not just to make trading profits, but to combine these with passive income coins. for example I am in Adex, Populous, TenX, Steem, Veritaseum all of which already do, or are set to make a passive income in the future.

On another note, I saw you were struggling to keep on top of your emails. Would there be any way someone could help you review your mail and highlight the ones to your that are most relevant?

Keep on steeming Crypt0! you and your positive vibes are an inspiration! Thanks for mentioning steemit in your videos! I think this is super important!

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