Circle Buys Poloniex: Polo Is BACK! / BTC ATH In July? / Binance Lowers Fees For Ethereum 😀 / More!

in crypto-news •  last year

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Great show! Glad you are back from Mexico. Appreciated the history of Poloniex.

Ok since Circle has a Bitcoin Lic in new york , will poloniex be avalable to new york ? well circle gave me this statment what does it mean .....Although Circle's parent company has acquired Poloniex, Circle and Poloniex will operate independently with their own support teams. For any inquiries regarding your Poloniex account, please continue to navigate to the [Poloniex Help Center]

Glad to see your back home, I was starting to miss the live streams. Poloniex is fixing to change for sure. I hope it is for the better. Anyways love the videos and everything yall do!

Anyone miss the trollbox on Polo?

thanks for share crypto news

Thanks for sharing cryptocurrency news

I hope Poloniex is in for a change. I never used the exchange because all the fud. I hope circle does it right!

Thank's for such useful content.You always bring some important news.Thank's for the post.@upvoted and resteemed

Thank you for sharing the latest news about cryptocurrencies

Thank's for sharing.You people are great.Subscribed your channel.@upvoted and resteemed

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Thinks for this crypto news providing...I appreciate this bitcoin . Keep it up dear....

It seems to be great news, Polo's acquisition by Circle, if it really allows any crypto holder to drop the fees due to the imposition of an intermediate currency (BTC, ETH, LTC)! :-)

Anarchapulco rocks. Great video! Upvoted :)

This is vert bullish news, Goldamn Sachs will not spend 400 millions if didn't have any potential

On my view, I think the fact that circle has bought poloniex, led to an increase in Bitcoin value.

This is the best ever decision performed by circle. As many people join cryptocurrencies, many others are eager to make various transactions. So, circle will attract thousands and millions of people since the whole world wish to join cryptocurrencies.

Let's analyse more as I watch my video's on this channel.

Feel free to contradict me or add up if I'm mistaken

The acquisition of Poloniex demonstrates the high interest of financial institutions in the crypto asset class. Not all investments have to be in the assets themselves but in the platforms, technologies and teams. All will lead to increased adoption which will increase the value realization of these assets.

Sure wish they would fix withdraw for steem :(

Thanks for the update

Great video about Cryptocurrency.
I already subscribe your channel & liked your post.

Thanks for sharing cryptocurrency news,
I appreciate your post ,,, resteemit,,,

Anyone miss the trollbox on Polo?
i like post

Good post