China Is Outtttta There!! Bull Run Begins Anew? / Bitcoin 25k - 500k USD Per BTC!

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Very helpful!
Thanks for sharing it!

great post

Another blogger with amazing original content.. Thank you..😀

Damn, Omar is Illuminati! the t-shirt and the .33 Ether ;P
I think BTC still has 2 more legs up, standard bull run which has usually 4 steps total. Target 7.5 k - 10 k
Some Alts will also fly, in particular the ones which have all 4 steps ahead.
James Dimon is no idiot, he just wanted to buy more at a cheaper price.
Edit : I've seen the full t-shirt in the other video, it's just the All Seeing Eye Pyramid on the Ethereum logo. A clever meme. Me too I wonder what the Ethereum logo is really all about.


"James Dimon is no idiot, he just wanted to buy more at a cheaper price." LOL

Yeah Crypto! We're back green. The colour of cryptos. Super bulish after this las hit.... It might swing a lot more but we are sure where we are heading. Gonna take a look at genesis mining and storjx. Thanks again!

There is still people that doesn't understand and says stocks are much better, crypto markets are stocks in steroids.
Thanks for the link and all the info.

new bull run (- china)

My ether wallets are being hit by those looking out to swindle coins. Look for the green lock on the address bar and verify.. verify.. verify. The fence analogy also is applicable in cases regarding security if you send it to the wrong address.

follow me!

Exciting times in crypto world, hopefully after this the Chinese influence will be diluted. Happy about the bull run :)

Thanks for this video i was waiting for it :)

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Cos they are Brainwashed

Thanks for the information sir.

I will check it out!