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Brother @crypt0 your dlive video really amazing.


agreed, great video !

That's osweme Chinese news

Great video as always- thank you for all the crypto news. The re-opening of BTCC exchange plus the coinbase news are about to trigger the next bull run. Looks like a great week ahead :)

Although I think the bounce in prices is more due to oversold conditions, the fact that custodial options are becoming available will lead to more capital available to the crypto assets. However, regulation will continue to limit institutional inflows.

Congratulations sir, your post is great but your dlive video most likely..

Thank for sharing this crypto news boss @crypt0

Oh man i wish it was going up alot more on news like that

Coinbase is breaking ground............ sounds epic!

One word: 'FINALLY!!!'

@crypt0 what you think about bull run? It all ready begin? Because it break the 6400 level.

great video

excited !

Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable post and that's a great analysis.
Keep it up..

@crypt0 really good news

You're an awesome dude, Omar!
Thank you for your awesomeness!

I vote for you, you vote for me. I like your post, your post is very good.