Bittrex BCC / Ziber Scam / Tradeblock Malware/ Jacki Bot / Jaxx / Coinbase / ChainCoin Cult

in crypto-news •  last year

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Thanks for sharing

Appreciate the support on my Vlog @crypt0....Nothing like your amazing vlogs.

Steemians get a hardware wallet...The ledger Nano S is Perfect!


Jaxx was my first phone wallet.. They have always been good. Glad to see them on top of everything.. I did have a problem with assets and having to have gas in golem wallets to send them away, but I blame ethereum haha.. Thanks for the words, hope Ziber comes clean and just gives everyone who paid their tokens regardless, and makes it work. Keep up the good work, thanks for doing what you do!


I also use Jaxx wallet and it is really awesome. I have been using it for a year now.

Woo! Awesome new video. Thanks Omar :D

Coinbase is behind. People shoudl think about getting everything off there right now. It took me 15 hours to get my transaction off coinbase last night.


I completely agree. everyone with money on coinbase needs to take their money back as soon as possible.


Some might miss the deadline, pay 4 using coinbase as a wallet...

Good Video Omar. Have an awesome weekend

3 days left , that shall decide everyone's financial future :D @crypt0

It's not in Coinbase interest to scam people they have too much to loose! When Andreessen Horowitz is behind it, you pretty much know it's legit!


I use coinbase and it's a pretty good service, very functional and straightforward app, ofcourse it's only 3 coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin) but it's a start. The New York Stock Exchange has also invested in coinbase and they would have done their homework beforehand.

New follower...loved your crushthestreet interview!

If you need a walled. Get a trezor. Got it in 3 days

Good info, thanks!

Killer content as usual! I just started as well :)

wanted to hear what's going on about bitcoin cash on bittrex and why this kicking up a big fuss or making ppl sell most of their altcoins days before the aug 1st. thanx for making this vid. you always keep crypto fanatics up-to-date time to time ;)

Awesome video!

Thanks my friend :)

Hey, this is the first time I'm experiencing a chain split, BTC to BCC. I have stored my BTC in a BitAddress paper wallet (I have the Private Keys) However I have no Idea how will I access / transfer it to an exchange. I'm sure there are may in the same situation. Could you Please do a tutorial video later highlighting this process ?

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Already invested in Ziber. Lost 0.5Eth. Maybe not too much. Ziber looked promising for me.

Always great links and info Omar. Hey guys - I'm in Crypto's facebook group and I highly recommend it!

Highly recommend only using a linux os for storing wallets - linux mint is fantastic and feels like you are using Windows

great info always keeping us up to date...much appreciated

You said cult 😂

Hello. Thanks for the information

Nice video with lot of information. Liked the jack twitter bot who follows vickie... haha, nice ideea had that one.

I also made a big post regarding bitcoin cash and and how to buy/sell/trade.

bitcoin cash – how to buy / sell / trade / claim – after august 1st, 2017 fork

Good point about BCC not being supported by Coinbase, will be interesting to see if that affects BCC in a positive way. Thanks for the update!


thanks for sharing You r Awesome!