Bitcoin Could Reach $25,000 Soon / EOS Scam? / Blockfolio Snooping Portfolios / Dash Roadmap / More!

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Great stuff @crypt0 !! Starting to watch now, sipping on a pint of a hoppy IPA

Thanks for the knowledge man!! much appreciated

Ooohh! Please have a second round on my behalf- cheers, and thank YOU for watching :D

hahah will do! :D
Cool background you have there, really neat. I miss your puppy playing on the couch tho, lol
As a ETH holder, that Kik project sounds interesting to say the least, good stuff.

Thanks again man! and cheers

I just love Dash. Thanks for the info.
Invested in Dash because of the hard working team and vision.

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Especially Amanda lol

The question is: will market buy this vision or not?

What is great about his videos is he delivers info. He doesn't just claim "scam" off the bat. Crypto is emerging tech. Many of these issues aren't "scams", they are mistakes and growing pains.

Great efforts ......

he is incorrect regarding the fuel issue with the ICO. There is a dynamic use of fees to encourage miners to process transactions. However, there is a potential issue wherein a 'whale' can jump to the head of the line by offering huge fees to get their transaction prioritized. ICO concerns in at least two ICO's solved the issue by enabling a temporary cap on the fees to make it fair for everyone. The unintended consequence was that a lot of investors broke their buys up into several smaller transactions, which essentially was an accidental dos attack that caused all the issues.
My advice, let the system work the way it was designed so this won't be an issue in the future.

I have to agree with you 100%. If this system can be overpowered by the "haves", it's almost like the "have-nots" don't stand a chance! Great information.

And altcoins will rise too then.

What makes this worse is that they want to transition ETH to a "Proof of Stake" system. This will encourage this kind of behavior, since that system is based upon who has the biggest pile of wealth.

It reminds me of the current fiat system in that regard. Its one of the reasons that ETH is on my no-go list for long term investment. Scalping and short term trades, sure. But not something I'd sit on for more than a month or so.

I'm just getting into Steemit. It occurs to me that all the top-end content is crypto-currency related... are there any people creating content that is totally unrelated to making crypto currency that are seeing wild success?

I'm definitely gonna watch a hell of a lot of his videos.

yeah very useful

25k to 1mio is not a big step then ;-)

Segwit implementation today, I can send BTC to the moon.

And then everyone will cash out. So it will fall big after that.
Will be the biggest correction in history, fuck yeah.

But after the fall it might reach a new All time high again.

hell yeah bro

Love watching your videos and daily news, Crypt0. It's very insightful. I wasn't a big fan of EOS. BTW, did you put a new background?


same view here, I personally warned about EOS before, one of our steemians( very popular) wrote an article about EOS as the future of cryptocurency, and most of you know him.
I wrote a comment on it that EOS WONT go anywhere and I got some negative replies, anyway now more people are open to the truth,
concerning Bitcoin it could reach more, airlines, countries, hotels and a lot more are accepting it day by day, and this will hopefully push it to the maximum soon.

In the long run, this will only push for competition. This will lead to Steempower rising!

haha these guys got me jumping around

By the way, despiceable me 3 is out in cinemas now ;)

Yeah. My friend told me about EOS potential problem, in addition, i don't recalled it was ever recommended in Clif High's report. The post it on Steemians could be paid ad. You never know. Thanks.

Do you guys have any idea of what you are talking about? EOS a scam? Does that make Steemit & Bitshares a scam too? Seriously, take 5-10 minutes to read up on things before tossing out "rumors" and shit you saw posted somewhere.

EOS, like Ethereum, is a blockchain OS. Read about it.

I'm not saying EOS is a scam, I'm pretty sure it legit. It wasn't highly recommended by my peers compare to Ethereum due to corporate backing, but you have made a valid point, I would need to do more research on EOS.

Didn't mean to attack you too hard, but seriously, these rumors or warnings from people should be challenged when there is no basis for them and when there are no details behind them.

I know we tend to have casual conversations on Steemit, but it's a public forum and it's on the blockchain forever, so details matter.

Its cool. That what the Steemit community is all about. We are free to voice our opinion.

We need to meet up. I need guidence transferring currency into bitcoins!!!

this is a wonderful write... great!!

Bitcoin is not supposed to be accepted widely for commercial use. It is a store of value like gold, people don't go around transacting in gold. If in future bitcoin is not as volatile as today, maybe then the society would start using it as a medium of transfer. The value of bitcoins can go up even if people are hodling as an investment.

Someone who get's it. The retail transactional coins should be along the lines of LTC, fast & cheap.

I'm not kicked about EOS at all. Dan is a serial blockchain author who isn't sticking to any of the platform he creates. Beyond that with EOS raising way too much money before there is even a proof of the platform working just makes no sense. Market cap that could be billions of dollars before the tech is even completed or proving it deserves such a valuation is quite ridiculous

I know they have brought on a solid team with credibility, but then they should start small and prove themselves. This ICO craze is just getting out of hand.

That sounds like the sitcom bubble - and we all know where that ended!

Sitcom? Dotcom bubble I think you mean :) And yeah it's going to happen and it'll be painful when it does. But even after it does, it'll rise again and we'll be in a better position than we ever were before. Speculation is what drives any new, emerging market.

Without speculation there wouldn't be businesses built around it, which can further drive investment to build the infrastructure needed to support the space post when the bubble bursts. I just hope our rise stays parabolic for a while to at least generate that interest and lay the groundwork for decades to come before we hit the next pop.

Your videos are very informative.
But sir where's the dog !! Hehe

Thank You for sharing @crypt0

I think yall girlfriend is taking care of him right now.

Yes! Hope you dig it- figured it'd vibe well with the whole crypt0-spacey brand theme :)
Thanks for watching, and for the support- happy to share the videos with you!

The background looks good but I did like seeing Wallace playing or chilling in the background 😉

Hmmm....let me see if I create a better one for you!!!!


If you like the blue version, here you go.


It's kool to change it up and keep them guessing.

They should explain why they are not allowing U.S. Investors.

because of the laws within the US, the US has a LOT of laws that restrict people from investing in ANYTHING not made or done in the US. its the same with many things involving cryptocurrencies, theyre all restricted in America... why do you think coinbase is such a big deal, theyre the first site that has complied with all the laws

well , well, to be honest I think that anything could happen.. I´m really waiting to see Bitcoin going higher than 3.000 dollars.. If Bitcoin goes up cryptocurrencies will be in haven ..

I think BTC needs to resolved the scaling problem before the value can go any higher.

BTC scaling is a big problem right now .. as the use of cryptocurrencies are going higher. it might go high again .. let´s hope for the better ..

Wao i can't wait to see btc @ 25,000

Yuss now i can watch the first part that i missed live.

bitcoin will go $25000

Definitely! With Segwit being implemented in the coming weeks; Bitcoin has nothing but upside ahead. Scaling this thing has always been an uphill battle, so seeing it actually being solved gives me the upmost confidence! :) thanks for sharing Omar!

This first contentious upgrade might be the most difficult, and after it is finally done and the world hasn't ended, future one's might be somewhat routine in comparison. By then, we'll be piloting Lambos on the Moon.

Haha 😂 agreed, Teslas on Mars better yet.

when that skyrocket - Lamborghini has a problem with production or it get even more expensive.... lol

like the new backround...but where's the dog?

Currently next to me :) He'll be on again soon for a guest appearance haha

Would love me some 25k BTC.

Disclaimer: am hodling btc.

Great infos about various very up to date crypto topics. appreciate it.
Upvoted, follwed & resteemd

Your vids teach me so much about bitcoins, especially since im new ty for that :D

Thanks for posting. Your post on Youtube and steemit has changed my life.

That's really rewarding to hear, rabidus- thank you very much for the comment :)

I think dash and Litecoin is going to flourish!

I don't know about Dash but yes for Litecoin I think the same. Actually MIT will start a Litecoin based project on the same day that Bitcoin is going to have their softfork on August 1st, 2017.

What is MIT planning on doing with lite coin?

I'm HODL on DASH, especially since evolution is coming out soon, and more x11 contracts are on genesis!! And downloaded the blockfolio just to watch prices for cryptos, but I would never hold anything on it. Always look forward to you breaking down crpyto news, watching now!

lets see how this hard fork plays out.

Not at risk here, aint got much BTC.

Yea, that's a big question now. I reduced BTC in my wallet.

Thanks very much - great resources. Is anyone developing a hard wallet that will work for the top 25 cryptos? I want one solution for everything not different solutions for different cryptos!

Couldn't agree more @katythompson

Dug the Chroma Key background you started yesterday - just need to do some SFX now so we get "WALLACE IN SPAAAACE!!!" lol 🖖🎬 great vids man, been following you since April and have learned a ton. I've done well on both the ZCL ➡️ ZEN deal and the FUN token ICO thx to you bro, keep up the great work!

Great deal, starfield! I wasn't even able to get in on FUN, and you just reminded me I really want some-
cheers, and many thanks for the watch- I'll have to have Mr. Wallace on again soon!

Coolness - Be well Omar! :0)

You have the best mic in the biz.👍

EOS scams everywhere, dash hopefully will get a nice jump with genesis mining adding contracts back, don't know about you guys but I've gotten 11 x11 affiliate code uses today, everyone must be excited. Lol

Btc will hit 25k for sure, but when? And will eth beat it is the question, that market cap creepin.

Well, there is a huge space in the market for BTC to grow. BTC still has pretty small capitalization (as for global, decentralized currency). It's deflationary so the price should rise as market grows, however we can experience inflation of cryptocurrency market. New cryptocurrency appearing pretty fast and money can be distributed all over them which of course will slow down BTC price rise.

For sure it will, everything will boom, then down, boom, down, etc. Its all about holding on. BTC ETH DASH LTC, coins like that will hold and rise.

Yes, free market will decide which coin is worth to put money on.

Exactly, all we can do and pick, invest and hope for the best. Its unpredictable sometimes, look at EOS, down in flames in my opinion.

Speaking of scams... don't you think Genesis contracts are a scam? I ran the numbers for ETH and it seems highly unlikely you'll ever make your ETH back. Perhaps things are different for DASH?

The only reason I can think of buying one would be to mint some fresh coins that are harder to trace - depending on whether Genesis would ever respond to court orders to release account holder info allowing tracing of the source of funds. I actually wouldn't be surprised if that was a major use of mining contracts although with tumblers and zcash I'm guessing there are other quicker alernatives???

They're actually not a scam. I thought that too, but when LTC started to go up, my contract paid off. I got the least expensive one. There's a guy on steemit that just went to visit them and took a video...they're in Iceland. It depends on how you allocate your hash power and what contracts you buy. It takes a little research. Follow Boxmining and look into it if you really want to do it. Use his bonus code. Choose a blockchain that is growing and isn't already huge (like BTC or ETH).

I know everyone has their own opinion, but for me I tried it, I bought 1 contract, then 2 then 3, etc, and now it is paying, like paying great. in 3ish months you'll have your investment back. I like it.

If all of the worlds gold was invested into bitcoin we would be looking at about $500,000 per bitcoin. Thats only a 6.8 Trillion dollar market. The game changer is if it gets added as a ETF and stocks and be invested to it. This marked holds about 67 trillion dollars. Right now the entire crypto currency area is only 110billion dollars. There is a MASSIVE amount of room for growth still.

Thanks for the vids. You put a lot of work and energy into them. Unlike 2013, the underlying global fundamentals is still bullish for bitcoin as a hedge. The fundamentals to look for are national inflation (High), Interest Rates (Very Low), National Stock Market (High), Real Estate Prices (High), Bond Market (Bi-Polar), Price suppression of peculiar commodites (gold, silver..), growth of social/government programs, and national debt. All these factors are so abnormal. Until at least 2 of these factors are resolved (and I'm being very considerate to the US), I very long on the decentralized cryptos.

Thanks for the vote!!! Imagine the price of Litecoin if Bitcoin hits $25,000. Given their current ratios, the math says Litcoin (LTC) would be at x = $400.00!!! Calculation is [(40)/(2,500)]*25,000. However, I think $400.00 is extremely conservative for Litcoin. Even LTC at $40.00 at its current price is still too low.

Hey Omar thanks for the fantastic update, as usual! It's funny cause yesterday I was actually thinking about being in the beginning of the bubble instead of the top. Based on the charts that'd be a valid possibility, I thought this could have very well been the first sell off phase. But then after studying the chart further I found that the patterns are almost identical to the 2013 top of the bubble (market cap chart). Not so sure for BTC. And for Ethereum it really looks like top of the bubble. I think the yesterdays pump for Ether was the last pump before the big dump. Check this out:

Full post HERE

I think Ether went too parabolic for too long to be in the first stage of the bubble. If it goes more parabolic than this then it's going to go backwards :P

wow your studies are great in fact i'm learning from you all guys. thanks for sharing... I'm a newbe

Great videos, very professional yet casual style Crypto0. Being new your videos have kept me researching and relaxing through this educational process

I don't like EOS although it was created by the same guys from steemit. Too many question marks and uncertainty. I trust Dan but I feel it's too risky. Anyway dyodd. Great post Omar!

Thank you for giving back to the community. Remember the days when you had just about 3k subs (when I joined) and your videos were just having under 1k views max. You nevertheless continued your show, great respect!

Reddit integrating ETH would be huge!

Im getting into building a mining rig....Does anyone have any recommendations for someone just starting out? Thanks mates

Glad I found you on here, been watching you on youtube and I think following you here will benefit you more!

keep on burning bright @crypt0! Nice to see another member of the Illuminati on steemit. #peace

Yuss now i can watch the first part that i missed live.

Nice payout, Crypt0. I'm gonna pile on.

Too bad, I was a big fan of blockfolio... :(

Quality content and insightful as always man!
Im loving it, keep it going!

Thank you Omar!

Well done post You deserve for getting Upvote from me. I appreciate on it and like it so much . Waiting for your latest post. Keep your good work and steeming on. Let's walk to my blog. I have a latest post. Your upvote is high motivation for me. Almost all Steemians do their best on this site. Keep steeming and earning.

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i am now save bitcoin in my wallet and i think this is my main purpose, i don't know about the future, but as long as i can save more bitcoin, then my purpose is works for me. i believe if this is my purpose, then in the future, i will get something good to save bitcoin from now on. but the only one thing that i know is when i save bitcoin, in tomorrow and in the future, i can make money from bitcoin because so far i am really make money from bitcoin and i want to continue save bitcoin. i'd rather to save my bitcoin than to spend and buy something that not important for me.

Great video. You started out good, and have only been improving since i started following you.

If btc can touch 25k imagine how high dash ltc and pivx would go..

A self-evolving blockchain? Wow I have to look more in Tezos and maybe buy into this ICO.

Just found your vids and I really like your attention to detail, knowledge, and presentation. Subbed, followed, and resteemed - keep up the great work!

As usual another great video by @crypt0 . Quality is still improving too. Keep up the great work.

Im really interested in golem now

I believe it will be a rocky road to the moon. Stay strong my crypto brothers and sisters 🚀🌑

follow me @shifty0g

Cliff High says BTC to $13,800usd by Feb 2018 so regardless lets climb baby :)

Well i hope EOS is scam, since im not holding any ♥

Thanks for the info and the hard work!

100k tx/s not 100. Given the infratructure, million+

Hey Crypto. I guess you wont read it but I want to thank you to introduce steemit to my husband who made me an account here. I really enjoy it here. So just heard that the tip came from you and I felt like leaving a comment here. Now I start to watch your videos also :D

Another great show! my thoughts on Bitcoin:

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 19.52.49.png

rise for all currencies

Great vid!

Very useful info ... look forward to 25k btc and am waiting for the amanda b johnson video series on dash !

I think you're undervaluing iota in a very disgusting matter.
If iota got adoption, with no transaction and essentially instant transaction, and no deflation/inflation, there's literally no better CURRENCY.
While dash or anonymous crypto may have it's place if/till iota is fully anonymous btc has no merit in an iota world.

Bitcoin Could Reach $25,000 Soon

I do no think it will be too soon, though.

Wow, very nice post,learned a lot from it! Was thinking of selling my dash before but i think i'll keep it some time longer. I really hope we're just in the beginning of the bubble! Keep the content coming, upvoted, resteemed and following!

Has anyone else heard of OnG Social Dashboard? I want some opinions on if you would use it. Id prefer not to sign up for too much, just because its "blockchain" based. Any thoughts?

Dang man, you're killin' it on steemit..been a long time follower on youtube..thanks for all the hard work and dedication you put into these videos


Nice info @crypt0 helps a lot to the new people (like me) who are introducing in this world.
good to keep learning!

Very good information, I need to see more of your videos, I think you can help me alot. I believe in 25k too! thank you very much! HODL! @crypt0

Interesting point on the logarithmic scale, also the Segwit jump will boost Bitcoin huge!

Do you really think BTC will reach 25 grands? Many people is selling their bitcoins after the pasts drops. DO you recommend keep them and buying more?
Thanls for your great videos.

I always saw your videos but never really clicked to see the vid. Very good anaylsis and information @crypt0

Bitcoin 25000 usd . Wait for august 1st!! It could tank

That sounds like a scam. Possiblem bictoin down few mounth 1000 $

Hey man, love your content! Keep it up and have a good one. I wanna say that I started mining btc earlier today! I'm gonna hold'em for a while. 25k each incoming?! Beers on me bro. Cheers!

BTC rise to $25000! Steempower can only get better

or can reach $25 dollars is all depends if they can continue to improve the tecnology or not

I find it interesting when not if Bitcoin will hit $25,000. Ever since the rise of Ethereum the attention of Bitcoin has had to explode in popularity as well. Personally I find that hitting $25,000 at our current growth rate is but isn't in the near future. While this year alone Bitcoin has practically tripled in value (bitcoin holders rejoice) I feel $25,000 is still perhaps a few more years off for sure unless something big happened allowing for the price to skyrocket. As for people who believe in the coin to hit like $100,000 or more know that price more than likely won't hit for a long time, unless again something big happens. Like the U.S. Dollar to crash. As for EOS its honestly hard to say as of now, if it is a scam its unfortunate because just in the last 24 hours the price of EOS has doubled. Not sure yet if I want to invest in it yet. That for sure would cause the price to skyrocket. Overall I really liked your thoughts keep up the great work!

Great job with the news and love the new background.

Exciting stuff! I'm just getting on the steam/cryptocurrency band wagon, are you guys seeing any content that is unrelated to earning steem/bitcoin/eth etc, that is seeing such wild success?