Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, B2X, & Ethereum:: The Race To The Moon

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An excellent sharing you did there, thanks a lot for doing so.

It was a treat to come across your podcast and hear about your own experience in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Namaste :)

His tattoo looks terrible.

How To Claim Free Bitcoin Segwit2x Coins

  1. Convert Your Altcoins To Bitcoin By November 18th At

  2. Hold Your Bitcoin In A Cold Storage Wallet Where You Control The Private Keys By November 18th. Create A Free Cold Storage Bitcoin Wallet Here:

You will receive an equal amount of Segwit2x Bitcoins as the amount of original Bitcoin you hold at the time of the fork November 18th.

Thanks for sharing. This BCH turn to be the "real" BTC - can be true actually...

I remember early this year you made a jab under your breath on a Youtube episode that you didn't think you'd want to be doing the crypto vlogging forever. Like there was a better job out there. How you feel about that now??? I think you're golden now. Congrats on being on the top of the wave.

I'm not going to overextend with credit, but all I can do during this ALT dip is think about how I can scoop up as many as possible. Trying to stay diversified while BTC runs and ETH and OMG are simmering for their time.

What do you feel about ETH holdings at this time? Worth flipping to BTC for the fork or staying diversified by holding ETH & BTC long in their own silos? I'm too loyal to holding my ETH to even sell at all, to my detriment.

Do you have a recommendation as to when it'll be time to swap over Genesis ETH contracts to ETC?

Aside, saw that you and your girlfriend found Bitconnect's Headquarters behind the waterfall in Yosemite National Park. Zelda style.

The Moon is real but ofcourse many investors will exit once they have achieved their goals. This can result in a crash. I doubt it will go below $4000.

I am visit your all link @crypt0......

wonderful crypto news

hey @crypt0,,,
extraordinary video.thanks for information in bitcoin.
upvoted and resteem

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Thanks for your great videos! I hope you are having a fun trip!

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I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)

The whole fork and different Bitcoin that come out of it is getting a bit confusing. The battle for which one is the real BTC continues.

Awesome post.. Thanks for sharing