2018: The Year of FOMO / Robinhood Crypto / Square Cash BTC / BCC Lawsuit / Dollar Policy Is Weak

in crypto-news •  10 months ago

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Wow - Great news about Robinhood and Square Cash. Reducing the friction for buying stuff is always good for the price.

Nice video, @crypt0! 100% upvote and following you now for more!

Robinhood crypto is huge news! I can't wait to try it out!

finally we got potential rival to coinbase,, thnx mate for the video

bans like you're not allowed to stream on youtube is why platforms like dtube will succeed.

Is it too early to completely stay away from YT and move over to dtube??

welcome back omar good to see you as usual

the dollars is finally smarting to show sighs of failure it's the beginning of the end , its what anarchist and economist have been preaching for years.

Time for Dtube brother!

I can't wait for cobinhood to come out so I can start getting completely owned on bid spreads in crypto too!

Right on, I just wrote an article this morning on Robinhood introducing crypto. Great minds...

Just downloaded Robinhood. Never knew about it.

I watched the video and subscribed your channel. Very useful video for crypto lovers. I really enjoy this.

your blog also informative
Excellent post good analyses thanks for sharing.

You always provide crypto news ..I like it your crypto video news...Thanks for sharing...

thank you so much for crypto-news sharing.....
i appreciate this post, i waiting your next post..
carry on my dear.....

well good to see you in your video and with your reviews on market and its really new for me to listen about stripe accept the credit card paymen and also bitcoin payment and also good to talk on bitconnect i think and sure it was a big ponzi sceme the 1% daily ,,,but i dont understand it tha some people still have hope from bitconnect....
also good to talk other market and give me new news and informations liek your always.....
keep it up always your work is best and really helpfull for us @omar

undoubtedly your always sharing data informative data to bitcoin and crypts continues like this!

nice good to watch your great video your give me informative videos and i also like to wathc you and hear you miami boy @crypt0
also i think we need not a strong dollar we need a stable dollars man

This is how Bitcoin will hit 100k - Explaining Free Money, Hyperinflation, & U.S Dollar Collapse - Helicopter Money Drop https://d.tube/v/josearteaga/jangu5wl


Yes I sure hope they are faster at getting fiat into the platform as coinable is super annoyingly slow!

good intro for crypto currency . thank you for sharing ♥ @UPVOTE and @REESTEMED

Hey @crypt0 I see you got the live stream ban fixed! I am glad to see you back and making News easy to watch. Your channel is bigger than ever and I want to give another thanks to Elle for doing all the hard work.

It is about making you think from a different perspective.
your video was nice sir
i like this video
it is informative
thanks for sharig

It was only a matter of time before those bitconnect lawsuits started.

i am really happy to found your blog is full with crypto knowledge and sure i will get latest news and opinion from you with your videos and now i am also joined you on facebook and sent you request on your ,,,the crypt0's news group,,,
accept my request and make me member of your group to stay on your fb and here always and get more updates on crypto market


Crazy times.

Competition with Coinbase will definitely be good. This is how more retail investors can get in. I recall in the 90s when the online brokers came on board, competition drove commissions and fees from 1-3% to $10 and lower! Hopefully, we can get the same in this space. It seems that their offering will ultimately be broader too which would be great.

Man I have been low key following your guys journey for quite some time now.. And I can't even figure out where to start on how much your dedication, perseverance, and for lack of a better term coming to mind.. The balls to go out and do what you've done. I dont live all that far from you if I'm remembering correctly, I'd love to buy you guys dinner or go get some drinks on me when I'm in your area man. Hit me up!

I'm predicting BTC hits below 8000 right at the contract closing (Friday 3:45 est). If so what type of retraction are you willing to make on your statement regarding BTC control? Wishing you blessings brother, love your videos!!

Thanks Omar!! I always have seen that RobinHood App in similar downloads..But Definitely will Download it now and check it out further.. Also thanks for that Tip about Square to Buy Bitcoin.. it seems we are progressing to where its becoming easier to purchase crypto without big fees.. I have paid up to 10% before,.. and also to buy Altcoins is a Whole Mission for those newbies.. Having to sign up for an exchange First, buy bitcoin then transfer bitcoin... As we move forward Alot more people will buy and hold if we can purchase Coins from a Simple App. Great Vid. of @Crypt0 News !

The sooner Steemit start doing live streams the sooner we can tell Youtube to go fuck themselves. Sick of their censorship crap.

The division of the digital currency Bitcoin, which passed in 2008 and is very popular when it comes to 2017, has been one of the historical accounts for the crypto-currency world, as ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees said. After yesterday's split, bitcoin miners are wondering what path they will follow. The bitcoin communities after the split did not allow any action. After an hour after the division was announced, the bitcoin resumed from where the bitcoin owners were shopping.

Experts advise paying attention to bitcoin cash when trading. The reason for this is the difference between bitcoin and bitcoin cash.

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Robinhood crypto expansion is going to be a real game changer. Finally Coinbase has some competition. Seems like they are the Burger King to Mcdonalds in crypto space.

Great video

Subscribed to your youtube channel recently. Content is excellent in my opinion. I come from the Forex and futures trading world, relatively new to crypto; but veteran trader. Love your content. Do you think they will add more crypto soon to Robinhood?

I love your daily crypto show. It's the best one for information that you can't get anywhere else....without spending hours to do so. Thanks for your hard work!!!!!!!!

Claim Action Lawsuit?

Investors want to file complaints(lawsuits) even when knowing the risks associated dealing with such investments ha! Funny! As f0r @craig-grant @trevon and others who promoted 'BitConnect' and 0r any other company alike, put up "disclaimers" stating that they are not tax advisers, investment consultants, etc...
Investors need to blame themselves and move on! It happens to everyone@some point in time, which is why we need to diversify ;D

Stick with Dtube in the meantime to live-stream if all possible since Youtube LIVE -Bl0ckN ;)
Great vid as usual and good to see you still handling your business, keep it up!



Brief summary of the crypto markets and overall market cap. Coincheck was hacked for $530 million and it was the largest hack of an exchange ever. NEM's price is down 10% on the news of the hack. Cover 6 ways crypto makes the world better. Goldman Sachs has some crypto news that I cover. XLM the leading altcoin? and Stellar vs Ripple. South Korea has been investing in crypto the whole time they wanted to ban it. Cannabis coins provide a real world solution for the cannabis industry. Even brothels are accepting crypto now in Las Vegas. China may end the ban on ICO's in 2018. New exchange based in the Cayman Islands called Spark exchange.