2.1 Quadrillion Dollars Coming To Crypto / Tether On Ethfinex / South Korea Drama / Taxes / More!

in crypto-news •  10 months ago

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@crypt0 Please do get Clif High on there, his info. can be insanely accurate sometimes.

I actually learned about Clif from George Ure of UrbanSurvival.com many many moons ago. And because of Clif and George I got into gold when it was at $750 an ounce and then sold near the peak at around $1700/$1800 back in the day. If I was to venture a guess on how accurate he has been, I would guess Webot to be better than 50/50 and probably closer to 75% accuracy. Maybe someone should or has tracked his accuracy but from what I have seen, yes, it can be uncanny.

Thanks for all your work Crypt0

Thanks for sharing the RoadtoRoota video. I enjoyed this guy. This made me think about the options strategy a bit. He is right about a lot of things. We definitely could see 8K or 20K Bitcoin price by the end of the week. The powerful point is that you will see 13k sometime in around mid-Feb.


What Bix said made quite a lot of sense idd.
Plus that 8k support/floor is a little above the 0.618 fib retracement level (200-ish as lowest point), so that's that...


I appreciate your comments

what would happen to the dollar if all goes to crypto? will it tank? is there a crypto that will be stable to deposit money instead of using Tether?


money print.gif




Sorry... last one I swear!


absolutely same as we will see this in some years where we can see only crypto for commercial use also .

Whats up @crypt0 Thanks for sharing the event with us and thanks for making it possible to learn about all the news. With all of the new users in crypto things get turned around so fast, I am glad you are back to clear things up.

I love my daily news from @crypt0 thanks Omar!

Yes, Korea will bring us to the moon 🚀🚀🚀IMG_5353.JPG


Absolutely! I'll bring the grill since you have the cooler. Hahaha


😂 that would be great 🙌🙌🙌

Welcome Back Omar!!! Hey man Thank you for all the work you and Ellesworth are doing, you are really helping the community and people that are coming in and looking to learn more about blockchain and Crypto .. I opened this steemit just this week, and am loving this social Network of platforms Steemit, Steepshot and Dtube.. All on Blockchain Technology! This is exciting to be part of the future, but in the NOW/Today. Cant wait to help build these platforms and see the masses move into this new Blockchain Society!!! Thanks Again!!

good to see you that you came back with your video and i also appriciate your knowledge and searching on crypto always and give every latest news soon also i thinkg these are only some dramas which play only these big comunities in crypto only for pump dump because i read 3days ago a korean group of whales invested via fiat huge amount and now we all are seeing the price of sbd i really dont know if they are put up the money how will be price of sbd or steem
now whats you think about btc is really going an like as old man an old coin as compare to some young coins which kill btc
ok share this video on with @resteem


Great update! I also saw most of your stream from the conference on day one so thanks for that! Regarding Tether, I have not researched it but the more I hear of it, it seems that they are implementing a type of money market fund. Money Market funds are regulated mutual funds that pegged their Net Asset Value to one dollar by holding cash and other short term investments. It could make sense but the auditing requirements are very strict given the representation of holding that value. They issue shares the same way Tether issues coins I guess. However, during extreme market events, they are under considerable risk to hold that value. I recall that during the financial crisis, a handful of Money Market funds "broke the dollar" meaning that their shares were worth less that $1 given losses in some of their short term positions. Therefore, unless transparency improves, I agree that the coin is very risky.

I highly doubt tether has a one to one reserve but I could be wrong. Makes me nervous.

Hi man, Pablo from Argentina here, remember me? HUGE FANS HERE!!!
A question if possible:
What did you liked most of the new projects you heard of on the conference? Do you remember when you came to your home and said, " I have to buy DASH", did you have another revelation to share? I can´t thank enough for your work, youuu are the MAN!

Screw YT

i know you prob already know this but you have been flagged on YouTube. so tired of censorship bullshit. are you on dtube?? no links on this page to it if you are. hope that mess clears up for you soon but all the more inspired to kick all these centralized social media platforms to the curb.

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I am interested in crypto money for 1 month. Your videos taught me a lot.it was a very informative speech. thank you for sharing this. @crypt0

Fuck FUD, I'm investing even more!

February 2nd mark it on your calendar! crypto currency’s gonna blow up when #Amazon goes to bitcoin (or their own crypto coin).

I really hope USDT gets shut down

Wow, Dude, I got you a whole penny more! Oh well. Guess I'd better work on powering up a bit more. Resteeming.

Thanks for the Cryptocurrency news @crypt0

Nice post ty for the info always use it to plan my next move!

great video as always! Would love if you follow and upvote me.

Thanks for the info, these updates help so much man. Korea gonna be back in the game big.

I'm pretty interested in tether, what do you think of it, legit?

2.1 quadrillion??? Crypto is nothing.... yet, I really think it goes up from here, with the power of blockchain and similar tech being developed and the distrust in banks I think it's only a matter of time. Not like the banks reformed...

Thanks for the informative videos! Working at getting some $ together in case it is a big dip

Thank you for your contribution to the community, your perspective brings a different dimension to my thought process.

Good post my friend @crypt0. Just today I published a post about bitcoin and a possible scalability solution with lightning network. Here is the link if you would like to read it: https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@emmanuel250998/lightning-network-a-scalability-solution-for-bitcoin-part-i

It is really good the way you are giving a good crypto-news to the world. I love this your post sir @crypt0
I #Love your #Post,, Thank you for sharing with #us

well good to give new updates on market and talk on btc bitfinex eth and all market and also give your reviews are helpfull for us always in your videos also good for shared miami live confrence and we watched live
i thinked that the after conference it will effect good on btc price well but dont good effects are showing on btc market that conference still
some says that the in market crash reason is that the chines new year coming in next days...is it true or only a fake @omar

a really nice video on cryptocurrency. going all the way to grab my crypto shirt ,
nice one there @crypt0

good work .Thanks for sharing ♥ following you

please talk about ETZ

Its just another piece of panic work which will lead the market to another crash from the panic sellers. specially newbie.

Thankx for sharing brother its very knowledgeable

Any chance we could get an updated video link, as the current one is unavailable...?

Hey Omar, the video has been taken down by Youtube !
(policy on spam, deceptive practives and scams)
Wtf ?!

Hodl Crypto will be Glorious. To the Moon, Stars, and Mars. NIO Knight MBRS RMars

Omar, the video is unavailable. Could you share it on another platform and provide the link if possible.

This is very good news for all of us.You include many valuable information about crypto.That is very so much inspiration .We are involve in crypto so we have need such info about crypt.
Thank you very much


Very Nice Effort you did Sir

Paused your video to do something else last night and this morning I hit play and it was removed! :( do you have it posted anywhere else?

Holy Jesus, Clif High on Crypt0's news? Yeas, please! And bring moar! :D

Very good post