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This week has been such an incredible week for my wife and I. We officially decided to start doing this full time. Obviously, I still have a few months before that can become a reality but I'm super excited for the possibilities! We have decided to make a website that I will for sure list once it is complete. Also, I will be getting my LLC to make this a legal business. My goal is to put out daily content, teaching about cryptocurrencies and how to invest in them. I am so thankful for everything you fellow steemians have done and continue to do. I promise to continue outputting quality content, as long as there is a demand for it!



Wish you luck and success. I will continue to follow you, you have awesome content.

Oké let's grow together mate!! Will follow you.

Word to the 🐦

Great news can't wait!

Hope to see you succeed Clayford!

Thank you! I really do appreciate that!

This is inspiring for people creating content on the crypto world. :)
Hit me up if you need some help on the website (build, design, etc...)
Keep up the good work!

Thanks man. What exactly do you offer?

Website setup, designs, advices. You allready choose the CMS?

Yeah man. Went with weebly

The main advantage is that is easy to setup and use, the problem is that is limited, expensive and its hard to scale.
The best i can recommend is wordpress, you can do alot with it, big community and its easy to use.

Congratz bro!

Thanks man. I appreciate you always viewing my content

I enjoy quality content :)

Congrats! @clayford08 so happy for you

Thanks Sarah. It looks like you're doing pretty well on your channel as well!

Best of luck man!

Check out if you want to make it easy to create a website. That's how I did mine, and it was super easy and slick. Check it out at (not trying to advertise haha).

Appreciate your work, and looking forward to your future stuff.

Thanks man. You've got a nice website

Congrats, wish you the best of luck!

If any of your friends are trying to get into the crypto game...tell them to check out the book "Welcome to the F*cking Show: Bitcoin and Your Future With Money", published on Amazon. It's the most drastic quick cutting of the crypto learning curve out there, not trying to be cheesy or scammy.


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