How To Buy A Custom Ethereum Domain Name

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Hey guys, it's the voice of the blockchain, Satoshi's big cousin, cryptography's finest, Champagne Crypto here, thanks for tuning in.

Today I want to talk about how to buy and obtain a custom Ethereum ENS domain name. Once you have a name, you can tell your friends to send ETH to yournamehere.eth instead of 0x9abc123......

Buying and obtaining a custom Ethereum ENS domain is done by auction at Before bidding on a custom name check to see if its available. If it is, you can unlock your wallet and start the auction for as little as .01ETH.

Here's a great article with explaining the exact instructions

A quick guide on getting an ENS name and setting it up

Have you secured your custom Ethereum ENS domain name yet? Leave a comment below.

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You are one of the best content creators on this site I commend you for standing up to evident you put hours of effort into your work.
Crypto Boming ether Bombing name Bombing
Excellent job!

Awesome information! It would make payment addresses a lot easier. I am definitely going to look into this!

My head is starting to hurt. I did not know this. Things are moving so fast in this Cryptoworld, its hard to keep up.

Thanks again for this information.

Watching your stream right now. Kabooooom!!!

I was planning to get one, but im not sure yet :)

Thanks for the info