Crypto Under Attack?

The war on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and crypto appears to continue. A HODL advisory has been issued worldwide. It seems only TenX PAY and Zcash are seeing green. Prepare for more buy orders as the Bitcoin and altcoin prices may continue to dip until the end of the month.

Also, an email from RegalCoin to the community issued this morning confirms that their lending platform will open tomorrow Sept 23.

Rumors that REC coin will be available on Nova Exchange today and that a QT wallet is available for download may NOT be true. There's another coin called Royal Empire that is using the same ticker symbol and some believe that those who recently reported their RegalCoin account being hacked could be due to a phishing attempt from the Royal Empire wallet.

Stay strong out there crypto maniacs!

The Empire Strikes Back with a Coordinated War on Crypto

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*This is not investment advice. Please buy, trade, or invest, at your own risk.

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Thanks for the post! I agree, HODL!

Still Holding STRONG & Greens will come sooon! Cheers on this lovely Weekends ahead

Love the intro man! Keep the positivity coming.

Have to prepare for the worst and hold out for the best. A good time to have your stink bids in

Thanks for the information published in your post, but need more details on that.If possible please post more on that point.please keep it up

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it would be like in late July 2017 (oh so long ago)
Bitcoin fell to $1800 . ETH was less than $200
We held and we bought more BTC & ETH

And in August , we doubled our money :)

Nice post. I agree with what you've said, cos I also read a post recently that talked about the rising zcash. I think I have to migrate my coins from bitcoin to Zcash. NICE POST.

This is actually some awesome work! Followed