Bitcoin 4K+ Crypto Maniac Mondays STEEM Giveaway!

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Hey guys, I'll be broadcasting on YouTube live in the next few minutes chatting about the crypto markets, Bitcoin's all time high, STEEM's price, @minnowbooster, @randowhale, Whaleshares, @buildteam and more.

Hopefully you can upvote, comment on this post, and head over to YouTube in time for the live broadcast. Keep BOOMIN over there!

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Beyond Bitcoin Community


Bro always happy to watch your videos

@champagnecrypto are you on steemit chat or discord.

@champagnecrypto can you reach out to me I have a proposal for you.

awesome video

watching youtube vidieo as i type lol


Lets take this thing all the way to the top! KABOOM!

Yes, it is time for Steem to BOOM.

Yeah Champagne! the dedication you have to continuously give back to your community is incredible! Thank you for your part in the crypto scene, one of the best in the game.

So many EPIC opportunities to Boom to make more BTC! like QTUM , NEO, ETH , EOS 2018 Will be On a Supersonic Speeed for all Crypto! Love your Daily Videos broo ~ Hustling and Steemin ~ Shoutout to your Live VID! Cheeeers

Pop the cork on another week of Booming with Champagne Crypto!

Shoutout to the voice of the blockchain:)

dope dope!!! watching right now

riding the train all the way!!!!!

Great show. My first time here

love your streams man!

damn dude im just about to head to work. will check the video later when im off. I bought more steem last night yeeeeah. i think were bound for a boom!!!

the food specials definitely taste good.@champagnecrypto

Hey again Satoshi Big cousin !!

Hey @champagnecrypto, I have been enjoying your content on youtube for a while and just realized you had a Steemit account. Best wishes man!

Please follow me back

Positive kabooms only

Cryptozilla on Youtube... resteeming

Subscribed to your youtube channel. Go 10K boom

Great energy on the show and for the community! Thank you for all that you do.


Love the streams dude, KABOOM

I love this learning from you people on steemit

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Still Booming!

Check out the new forbes article about Mybit:
Prepare for liftoff, hope you invested big!

Wao its very helpful,. thank you

making me love mondays lol :)

rocking bro. what about Tenx pay ? how much it will worth in september ?

thanks for the tip bro

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