Stratis ICO Summary ( Latest Update StratisPlatform )

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 Stratis ICO Summary

The Stratis team would like to thank all participants on a successful ICO. The support everyone has shown us has been amazing. In total the ICO raised 915 Btc in 5 weeks but 561 Btc in just the last two days.

Total amount of tokens distributed to ICO investors is 84 million.

ICO Price per Stratis token: 948.15/84,000,000= 1129 Satoshi (0.00001129) 

 Total investors: 509

ICO Token Distribution

The Stratis Tokens will be distributed by 9th August. We will announce when Investors will be able to log back into the ICO platform and specify a Stratis address, the withdrawals will then be processed. Please use 2FA as no one will be able to specify a withdrawal address without authenticating via 2FA.

Bounty Campaign Distribution

Social, Signature and Translation Bounties will be distributed within 2 weeks after Stratis Main net is live. Withdrawals will be enabled on TVE to withdraw your tokens. Signature participates and Translators will need to provide me a Stratis address via bitcointalk to receive their tokens.

The Signature campaign ends tomorrow. The requirement was 20 post in two weeks to receive a stake/point. Some early participants will have earned 3 x stake/point. 

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this project has made a massive value increase since it's ICO, a token is traded at 0.001546 BTC, more than x100 up.

I managed to get a small amount just before the ICO closed. I think it is an interesting project.

How can i join ?
Am i late for join ?

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Great discussion point. I fully understand what you're talking about. It's facinating how people invest 10's of millions of dollars in "just an idea". This is quite an interesting website I found: Every single coin can be analysed here based on: the team, the product, advisors, community, the business and the business model and much more. For example: For the Stratis Research report