Neo DARK, potential Ex-NEOG, is a scam contract. You have been warned!

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Lately in the crypto space, tokens have been popping up like hot tamales.

Clones of bitcoin having been popping up for years, and usually as fast as they are born,

They die.

Well, something interesting is going on in the crypto space.

A counter-cultural reaction.

With ICO mania hitting critical mass and a lot of ICO's under-performing recently.

Coinciding with this, is corporate interest creating multiple forks and mascaraing the fundamentals of bitcoin under guises of improvement.

Get rich scamsters are cashing in on the FUD too.

They are creating smart contracts that serve no useful functions or solve actual problems in the real world.

They are just hijacking names of popular projects, and creating airdrops to addresses they largely hold.

For Example:

NEO Gold, aka NEOG ripping of, the name of the name of the established protocol NEO, created a meaningless smart contract. They got it listed on three exchanges.

Ether Delta (decentralized exchange)

After a few days, they claimed their site/contract had been hacked.


Simultaneously as this is going on NEO DARK sprouts up out of nowhere.

I was able to get on their whitelist.

What does this mean? It means they will airdrop to me, probably 100-200 dollars worth of tokens. However, they capped their whitelist to 5000 people. Part of the process of joining the whitelist is to also join their telegram.

By the time the signup to the white list was closed, there were 2800 accounts in telegram, and over 5000 people signed up for the white list.

What does this exactly mean? Based on the amount of enthusiasm in the telegram, if I had to speculate a majority of the accounts are fake. Even if they are real, the scam developer cannot openly account for the disparity in white-list signups and people in telegram.

So practical scenario, the developer of this 5 minute contract, i'm sure the social media branding only took a couple of days, most like controls 40-50% of all tokens to be airdropped.

It's all a blatant scam/lie based on off branding.

Even if the contract wasn't a scam, it doesn't represent anything other than a meaningless contract backed by...


Not even the tech is there.

Please do not donate single dime, ETH, BTC to this project.


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