"Bismuth" is an interesting new project

About one week ago I saw a thread pop up on bitcointalk for a new project called Bismuth. Typically I will skim an announcement post and not be interested. This time I was mildly interested. Although "Bismuth" is a silly name, the concept seems solid. 

For any crypto or tech enthusiasts, this may be worth checking out. The project seems to be flying under the radar which could be good for early miners. The testnet is available now. All of the details are in the link below to the official pre-annoucement.

[PRE-ANN] Bismuth - Easy Integration, Endless Possibilities, Python, Testnet


Could you explain why it is solid? I found that author wants to create block less chain where transactions are blocks without explanation how that works. Is there a whitepaper? BTW, there is Iota project which in development for a year and is much more transparent.

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