Big News Today! GOLDMAN SACHS BACKED CIRCLE FINANCIAL BUYS POLONIEX EXCHANGE!! $400M Deal! This is HUGE News. FACT: This Dates Back to Feb. 3rd.

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Earth shattering news today, rocks the crypto world with this bombshell that affects a lot of the markets worldwide, in many aspects.

Circle is a multi-currency money-sending app .

-- Circle, is backed by globalist Goldman Sachs, people should make note of.

So, right from the start, IMHO, as you can see from the following info...... the merger/acquisition started out with lies.

Something nobody else is actually talking about or saying.

But it is all connected to the globalist owned / banksters Goldman Sachs, can we expect anything less?


Circle is a multi-currency money-sending app as we have said.

Feb. 3rd reports stated they were in the works to acquire Poloniex, the very large US-based cryptocurrency exchange when Blockchain technology blog "Modern Consensus" broke the news. More on that from weeks ago here:

Modern Consensus cited two unnamed sources that had information about the potential deal.

However, around this time, when asked about the reported acquisition of Poloniex, Raj Date, a board member of Circle, told Modern Consensus:

“I can’t comment on anything like that. I’m actually in Europe right now. Thanks for the reach out.”

Ari Paul, the CIO at digital currency hedge fund BlockTower Capital, denied the legitimacy of any deal on Twitter, citing his own source at Circle and calling the Modern Consensus article “fake news”:


Circle says the SEC won't go after pre-acquisition action


A confidential Circle presentation is doing the rounds on Twitter after today's acquisition of Poloniex.

It says the SEC informally indicated to Circle that regulators would "not pursue any enforcement action for prior activity" at Poloniex as long as Circle cleans up Poloniex and turns it into a regulated exchange.!/circle-says-it-got-a-waiver-from-the-sec-in-poloniex-acquisition-20180226

This could be the start of something very big for Circle and Poloniex as they join forces to compete against the likes of other large US based cryptocurrency exchanges, like Coinbase and Bittrex who have a lot of the market.

However, other exchanges like BINANCE have come on strong the last few weeks and months, and taken their market share.

So, this fact is likely playing a part in this move.

Expect Collusion

... with anyone connected to big banking/globalists/politicians/bail outs:


I hope we all see exchanges engaging in a fee / price structure war and NOT collusion on these things!

Competition is super for consumers.... but I am warning of these big guys, all getting together to collude on pricing and terms.....

-- Again, something nobody else has mentioned once, that I have seen in my research today.

  • Robinhood has over 3 million users, but they are only starting cryptocurrency trading. Their user base is large and onboarding and excited, we have all seen the news.

-- I believe like many, that 2018 will be known as , and have said (with hope) many times now:

The Year of Decentralized Exchanges!

.... and that cannot come soon enough, believe me.

The acquisition may really improve Poloniex's customer service which have been absolutely dreadful, most people dealing with them will admit.

Even people not personally affected know of, and have heard widely of the horror stories.

I've blogged on them, a lot just on that aspect warning people, many times here on Steemit and tweeted out the info to spread awareness as well.

More than Just Crypto Exchange Services

Of note: Poloniex and Circle hope to become much more than just one of the biggest crypto exchanges.

"We envision a robust multi-sided distributed marketplace that can host tokens which represent everything of value: physical goods, fundraising and equity, real estate, creative productions such as works of art, music and literature, service leases and time-based rentals, credit, futures, and more."


Will Poloniex/Circle be MORE than just Crypto?

Can they be trusted, backed by Goldman Sachs???

The market seems to have responded in fine fashion, positively today after a bearish / red ink weekend:


Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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rather a bad sign for polonix as i think !!

This man I love your post I hope to become like you

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I just posted a link to an article asserting that Circle was acquiring Poloniex. Someone helpfully replied that th……

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Thats a great news there might be fluctation for crypto

Great post, thanks for this big news!

your very well post..
& great news..
i love this post..
thanks for sharing..
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Previously I want to thanks @barrydutton for sharing this article. this is interesting to me. the dynamics of the digital currency must get the spotlight from every different point of view. Thus knowledge and accuracy of the data becomes an important consideration for those of us who still use the current digital currency. The latest information like this is also important to know because it will be useful for us in taking the next step in using this currency. I wait for the next interesting information. thanks

Well, isn't that special...!?!? Will be cutting ties on that front, I see. Not that I have much there, but F'n Goldman Sachs - oh hellz no!


Big banks are all trying to figure out a way to corrupt this like everything else, always follow the money and dig a little deeper.

It is almost always corrupt as we know, anything they do.


Evidently the investors in Poloniex do have their price - decentralization be damned. So sick of the slime...

Not sure what to think of that... Goldman-Sachs is the epitome of "centralized" and isn't cryptocurrency all about DE-centralized? On top of which... the other major investor in Circle is Baidu, which is Chinese, where cryptos have been pretty much outlawed... stranger and stranger.

We all must realize that the banks are far smarter than folks give them credit for... they will back door us with our own naivete. Once they have people believing they are helping... they will begin their old habits.


Most might but people are waking up.

Partly why I worded this article the way I did.

I hope some people outside Steemit find this and read it.