CBOE Apply For Bitcoin-Based ETF

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CBOE has submitted an application to create a Bitcoin-based ETF to the US SEC. The SEC has requested public feedback regarding this prospective ETF of CBOE.
CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) has filed a registration application for Bitcoin-based ETFs that will trade BTC shares, supported by Bitcoin Trust built by VanEck investment firm and SolidX financial services. According to the information submitted by the SEC, the application was filed on June 20, 2018.

The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is gathering public opinion on the submission of the application, stating that "Everyone interested in participating is expected to submit written data, views and arguments about the proposed ETF"


Funds To Invest Only-With-Bitcoin

The SEC states that, "The CBOE Application for Bitcoin-Based ETF follows BZX Regulation 14.11 (e) (4), which regulates the listing and trading of Commodity-Based Trust Shares in the stock market." Solidx Management LLC is the sponsor of the Bitcoin Trust. Bank of New York Mellon will be the administrator (Administrator), the transfer agent and the custodian, in connection with the cash (custodian cash) of the Trust. Foreside Fund Services from SolidX Management LLC will be a marketing agency and serve the transaction process of this activity.

Each share fund will represent a fraction of the net asset's net profit. Trust assets will be in the form of bitcoins stored through safe processes. The Trust will not store any cash or other assets, but store them in the form of Bitcoin, in connection with the manufacture and redemption of the order basket and to pay Trust fees.

According to the registration statement, the Trust will issue a basket of orders whose 5 shares are valued equal to 1 Bitcoin block, and make it an exclusive official participant. Each share currently represents about 25 BTC.


ETF Useful To Track MVBTCO Index

The purpose of the creation of this Trust investment is "Stocks to reflect Bitcoin's price performance as well as minimize Trust's operational costs.Therefore, the Trust intends to achieve this goal by investing substantially all of its assets in traded Bitcoins, especially in over-the-counter markets (OTC ) Although the Trust may also invest in Bitcoin, which is traded on the domestic and international Bitcoin market, but remains dependent on liquidity and at the discretion of the Trust. "
The MVBTCO index will calculate the Bitcoin price every 15 seconds in a day, including the closing price at 4:00 pm local time. SEC released a statement that the OTC Bitcoin Platform included in MVBTCO is a US-based entity. This platform is an established institution that complies with the requirements of Anti Money Laundering (AML) and KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations, in respect of counterpart trading and includes entities governed by the SEC and FINRA as registered broker-dealers and affiliates of brokers or dealers. When trading on the crypto currency exchange, Trust advises its users through Bitstamp, Gdax, Gemini, Itbit, Bitflyer, and Kraken.