Now You Can Compare Derivative Crypto Products from Exchanges

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The derivatives market is, in a word, gigantic – often estimated at more than $1.2 quadrillion on the high end. How can that be? Largely because there are numerous derivatives in existence, available on virtually every possible type of investment asset, including equities, commodities, bonds and foreign currency exchange.

we can find on Investopedia.

We watched closely when financial giants added future contracts for bitcoin. In the end, the result doesn't seem remarkable, certainly not worth the FOMO.

For some time, the big (and small) exchange players in the crypto land, the ones who probably understand the phenomenon much better, started to add their own derivatives.

The interesting part is that there wasn't a way to compare these products between exchanges, unless you did your own research. Until now...

When it comes to checking out crypto market details, many go to CMC, maybe as a sort of habit.

Since they started to use Steem as a media channel, I payed more attention to @coingecko.

Not only do they support more coins than CMC, but they also introduced a few months back something called a "Trust Score" for exchanges, to better understand that some volumes are artificially inflated on certain exchanges, for example.

Now, they added support for analyzing and comparing the derivative products based on crypto from our exchanges.

You can see all the details in the post where they announced the new feature of CoinGecko:

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