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We all know that in the real world if you want somethings like food or stuff, you would usually pay for it with money.

But carrying money is risky because they can easily be stolen or sometimes you just cant carry all of your money to buy the stuff you need and want.With banks we are enabled to deposit and withdraw funds which makes the transaction of money easier and safer but have you been in a town or city before where the banks are so far apart from you and the devastating traffic to come?

Well those very problems can be solved with #Crypterium
You see crypterium is like a bank or wallet which you can carry a large sum of money without the risk of being mugged infront of you because unlike traditional paper or coin money they can easily be taken from you without regret, but with crypterium even if your phone gets stolen your crypto-coins wouldn't easily disappear from you, so even if your $300-iphone gets stolen your cryptocoins will be safe for aat least 24-hours during this gap you can move your funds and call both the cyber and local police for help.

mean while lets get to some example of degree.

if you wanna buy gym-equipment for christmas that you want which will cost you $150.
There are 2-ways you can buy them either through cash or credit-card but the thing is that
for you to get either of the funds you have to go to a bank, but with Crypterium you can
buy the gym-equipment but instead of facing devastating traffic you can get the funds you need
with only from your laptop to your phone!, and also with Crypterium you can pay for virtually anything
as long through your laptop or phone.

Here is a video for a short tutorial

And you can check their website through this link

by the way!!!

With Crypterium come fees also! but dont expect it to be much as we all know that the one actually putting the extra prices is the person your trying to buy from.

Also their is a coin sale for Crypterium so dont miss out.


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It will ease stress of counting money and stuffs.I think its a brilliant idea

This is something for me because I often loose something and therefore don't like to carry a large amount of money with me ^^

Thanks. and its nice for you to read someones post.

Thanks. and its nice for you to read someones post.

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Nice post Kettleyer. nice to see you back online​ too. @steemsausage !