Stand Down JP Morgan, Crypterium is here to Revolutionize Banking FOREVER!!!

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Are you sick of Uncle Sam monopolizing the banking industry? Long gone are the days when the power was in the hands of the people - today, it's in the hands of the big bankers. They know what's coming and they've been fighting the cryptocurrency takeover for years. That struggle is about to end, and the wiser amongst them have been seen turning tail and are instead INVESTING heavily into cryptocurrencies. With one final push, this world can take a turn for the better and the people will finally regain the freedom since lost.

Introducing CRYPTERIUM

Designed to be a WORLDWIDE cryptobank that shatters the previous limitations of the current banking systems, Crypterium (CRPT) is the bridge that unites the cryptoworld to our current fiat-world.

A shocking 61% of adults worldwide currently have bank accounts. Take a moment to think about that.

Benefits of CRPT

- Think Faster, Cheaper, and SAFER transactions on a decentralized blocktain.

- Entirely MOBILE

- No more physical institutions, plastic cards, or bankers tellers "taking your order"! Everything is done online.

- Over 42,000,000 stores that accept Cryptos! The sky is the limit for mobile, near instant transactions.

Future Cryptocurrency Spending

With support for that many stores, the consumer has all the reason to convert from the banking institutions of yesteryear with extremely high fees, slow service, and national currency exchanges to a new streamlined solution that alleviates all of those problems.

ICO Sale Ends Soon!

There's only a short time remaining on the ICO sales! Hop on this AMAZING opportunity before you start regretting it later. Sale ends on January 13th, 2018 - so DO NOT MISS OUT!!

Head over to the token sale page now!

Get Paid To Promote! The Crypterium Bounty Program

The CRPT team is allowing all supporters of the coin to GAIN from promoting their product. They're essentially offering percentage-based payments from coin sales relating to the following campaign criteria:

  • Campaign 1: Bitcointalk Signature — 50%

  • Campaign 2: Translation & Moderation — 25%

  • Campaign 3: Media, Videos & Blog Posts — 15%

  • Campaign 4: Twitter — 10%

Check out their official page for all the details:

Learn More

Head over to the FAQ page to find out the details:

Also, do not skip out on their official whitepaper:

The official Bitcointalk Thread for Crypterium:




Do not miss your chance to invest in the security of a better tomorrow.


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The future is here!

This is a great time to get involved in cryptocurrency

Hopefully it does not turn INTO a centralized banking system

Everyone needs to get on board with information

This is really neat, good success with the contest!