Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding With Innovative New Blockchain Platform, Cryptassist

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Cryptassist envisions a world where crypto is useful to everyone in everyday life; In order to make this a reality, the platform will offer an array of features designed to give users the opportunity to really use their crypto

We have all heard about Kickstarter, the popular crowdfunding platform for creative projects. The massive expansion of the crypto market in recent years has made fund raising ready for payments by cryptocurrencies. Cryptassist will make this possible with Cryptstarter.

Project creators will be able to post their creative projects on the Cryptassist Cryptstarter platform in order to find backers to raise funds in either cryptocurrencies or in fiat for physical products. Backers will be able to send funds in any of the top 100 cryptocurrencies and creators will be able to choose whether they wish to receive these funds in crypto or in fiat, which will protect them from the volatility of the crypto market.

Social features will be included on the platform that will allow CTA holders and project creators to have discussions, leave comments or rate projects. This ensures that backers have as much information as possible on projects before committing to them and allows the backers and creators to stay in touch throughout the duration of the project.

Cryptstarter will require KYC for both project creators and backers to guarantee safety for both and track that creators deliver their products or services when the project has finished. For further security, Cryptassist will act as an escrow service.

For more information on this feature, please visit our website

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Great platform for future realistic project.

good decision for project creators and investors!

@cryptassist, I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!

Thank you in advance!

Sounds so interesting, wish the team the best!

Its great and interesting project. Nice idea and plans for this

An interesting project!

KYC, it is absolutely necessary to avoid the scammers

KYC is absolutely important but the most important think is how you can save our personal data when we submit KYC document.. thanks and good luck

very promising project. successful ICO in future!

This is really amazing

Very nice, one day what we have on our pockets are not fiat money but CryptAssist Debit Card because time will come crypto currency will be spendable any where in the world and we we can use it in our daily lives.


Debit card this excellent decision. I don't know projects which offer converting of cryptocurrency in Fiat. However, there were such projects i read, but now them it isn't visible.

Very interesting offer from Cryptassist. Indeed, the crypto community needs new sites where it would be possible to create its own projects, discuss them and earn money on it, while the project creators will be protected from the currency rate volatility and will always be able to get exactly the money that was earned. I think that to Cryptassist you need to look closely and even more, become a participant in this grandiose platform.


Completely I agree with you. By and large very few good platforms, for which trust the main principle. I won't speak about value for users

Very interesting project. What is the price of your token now?

It is a very interesting model,a multifunctional platform that expands opportunities for creativity.

Wow, nice idea, will join with you, hope your idea will come true, will support with all

Crypto is useful to everyone in everyday life! The Cryptassist platform will offer an array of features designed to give users the opportunity to really use their crypto! Great project!

This is a very promising project. The innovative idea in combination with experienced and creative team will bring success to the project.

this is something new to me about Cryptassist platform. so many things going on here. knowledge is power!

Thanks for explains.
Good luck.

This project will be helpful to bring cryptocurrencies to mainstream

I like the idea. CryptAssist is the innovative project. How @CryptAssist will very helpful in life. And that the point.

Cryptassist will going to be the best Asset

Good project. This could be a big help to manage people's cryptocurrencies.

I'm really liking more and more this project each day. This could be an awesome assistant to every crypto enthusiast.

Excellent idea for realization of crypto crowdfunding. Long ago I looked for the similar platform. At the moment such function is realized only at platform Kick. But, paid access and in order that have published your idea a huge number of users has to vote for it. Therefore, I will watch you and to take part on development of the project

it sounds like this project gives a positive hope in the world of cryptocurrency

Cryptassist also helps startups to raise money for realization of the ideas. It is some kind of kickstarter, wow!

cryptassist is a very interesting platform and deserves to be supported to become the best platform this year

if this is really happen to every crypto enthusiast, it will be very useful and helpful

New project, I think this project will be successful. I'll support it.

I want to join ICO, how can I do?

best ico of 2018 i like it.

i hope this project success

Reading this article reminds me quite another that I have read on Medium. The philosophy of Cryptassit I like it because it proposes to bring the cryptocurrencies and their whole world closer to everyday life.

I share the article here because I think it is related, in case someone wants to read it too.

very interesting idea and perspective direction of using the project platform Cryptassist

Great news about a Cryptassist Cryptstarter platform !.. I want to join the Project too.

A good addition to the project. Better to have a reputable source for new and upcoming ICOs.

This is great platform for start ups. Increasing the visibility and possibility of all cryptosphere

Cryptstarter this just exceptional invention. Such project was necessary long ago, however nobody could make. We believe in you!

The interesting idea, something similar i saw. But these platforms aren't calculated on cryptocurrencies. And Cryptstarter perfectly will help to attract more and more money

I've seen competitors in this field, but Cryptassist has everything thought out at the highest level, and it will be the only platform on which everything will be needed for each of us.

After start i will place the project on Cryptstarter. I have read the White Paper and I have seen prospects

It is a very interesting idea to get a chance to win the Tesla roadster! I hope it would motivate more people to invest.

CRYPTASSIST becomes more interesting by the Day,
I can't wait to play CryptoGo

I like the idea of Cryptassit, because it suggests bringing cryptothermics and their whole world closer to everyday life. I wish the company further progress and good luck!

I like the idea of cryptstarter. If this will be a seamlessly experience and ease of handling i can see this going places. keep it up.

I agree, with such an assistant, even a beginner will be able to immerse himself in the world of crypto-currencies and it's easy to understand everything, it's cool!

Interesting and necessary project!

Excellent concept, all in one solution, very promising project. successful ICO in the future!

Interesting project. I especially like "Project creators will be able to post their creative projects on the Cryptassist Cryptstarter platform in order to find backers to raise funds in either cryptocurrencies" - what a great idea.

The cryptstarter which would function just like a crowd funding system would help members get the financial support whenever they need it to suppport their projects. Just as they say no man is an island Cryptassist identifies the huge benefits of partnership and has created the Cryptstarter platform just for that purposes. Great job team.

very promising project. successful ICO in future!

I really interest in Cryptassist' concept and their solutions

Amazing project, Really looking forward to this great project to moon.

This Road Show by International Decentralized Association on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain was a very big platform for upcoming ICOs such as Cryptassist and it was a very nice strategy by the team to explain unto available people about the Cryptassist platform. Great job Team.

Cryptassist solves the problem of complexity by supplying all of the necessary resources in one easy to access location.

Really looking forward to this project, I hope the team will continue good job!

CryptAssist have a great Idea's about work, This will go very high.

Cryptassist is one of the greatest project in crytocurrency world

The market is red, but successful ICOs will have a good chance of tanking with the next positive market correction. Buying into an ICO is an investment into a company more than into a currency.

Great project! I advise everyone to participate in it! Great project! good luck! and I enjoy watching the news! It looks a special project with a really promising potential. One of the most promising and successful projects to date! I advise everyone to join and to watch the development!

The Cryptassist ecosystem was designed to make the cryptocurrency world easy for everyone, whether they are crypto experts or novices.

very good project with great strategy. this is the time to part of this promising project.

I like that the platform has KYC for developers. Since many people come to this sphere and it is not always clear what they are doing and who they are

This project should undoubtedly interest both investors and ordinary consumers. Thoughtful and clear ideas make it really attractive.I recommend to everyone.

I think the concept of Cryptassist is very interesting and innovative. What they are developing with Cryptassist is a platform like none before, is what every person in the crypto industry needs. I can not wait to try all the functions of the Cryptassist platform. Good job!

Project with nice ideas amazing team.. Very happy to be a part of the project..

Cryptassist change the way we see crypto currency , all in one dashboard

CTA Coins is utility token provide users with access to Cryptassist and enable them to pay for all the services offered within the application.

Dear friends! I recommend to pay Your attention to a new investment project in cryptocurrency. The team has made the site easy to use. I’m sure that on this project you can earn good money!

If most of the participants decide to withdraw money in Fiat, will it affect the rate of cryptocurrencies and will it not cause banks suspicion ? Through which systems the work with Fiat is planned?

I like your project! It is a great project! Good luck!