Why I'm Bullish About Crypto Now | EOS + ETH Problems | Augur Releasing Epic DAPP: Community Excited

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Great post.
Love Auger
Another bear channel about to take most Crypto's to lower lows.

Good one again...:)...

The more projects finally release the closer we get to more adoption of blockchain solutions across many industries which will add value to many cryptocurrencies in the long term.

We hate it when the blockchains are stressed but as you said that idea of anti-fragility becomes only more prominent with each hurdle that's overcome

It would be great to continue seeing development in the exchanges as it will force better prices, improved customer support and above all better security as they compete to get our business. This happened in the late nineties when online stock brokers disrupted the traditional brokers with online services with low commissions. It could happen with cryptocurrencies as well in the near future which would benefit the retail investors and facilitate adoption.

Looking better but still need follow through. The majority of institutional investors looking here are mostly boutique or family office asset managers that have up to $150m given regulations. I don’t think this custodial solution is made for the big institutions. Also, I recall a research paper saying that $25 billion of new capital in 2017 is what drove the 2017 rally. So this influx if capital could potentially put a floor in prices

Great update. Hopefully the end of the bear market is near. I feel the ETF market for Bitcoin is near.

A logical solution.

Crypto has taken the flight , no looking back now .. will not land before ATH..

I vote for you, you vote for me. I enjoyed your post

This is your 2018th post and we’re in 2018 and your bullish.. this must be sign 🤫🤯

Did we ever not rebound after some shit?:) I am bullish since I came out of my mother!

you're doing great i like you information thanks to sharing with us


You're doing great i
Like you information thanks
To sharing with us

                 - sujon05

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