The EOS Constitution / Weiss Rates 93 Cryptos: Top 7 / Ethereum Classic Hard-Fork / Ethereum Trinity

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EOS wont kill ETH at least not as soon as it launches their will be issues with it just like with any brand new untested launch

ETH Killer?? Too early to tell. Maybe its a wannabe, like so many others. Keep watch for institutional usage--that'll be the bellwether to which one will rise to the top. LTC? NANO? Too many dark horses.

Haha, what you say I don't understand. Maybe you can read the comments @bitcoinflood!

Nice to meet you. I am a friend from today. I wish you all the best and healthy. Your friend lucky7777

Well Being In A Car And Stuff its no big deal your content is informative enough, i believe you have something to offer, keep doing it.

I have followed Weiss Ratings since they initiated their contraversial incursion into the Crypto space in January. They have been part of a growing community of organizations, myself included, learning and sharing thoughts on Cryptocurrencies and their prices. Given their long history in traditional financial markets, it seems they have been able to gain a following despite the bumpy start.

Many say EOS killer ETH?

Yet another great car video. Thank you for all the news and updates. All the FUD around EOS is understandable.People should know that nothing is ever 100% perfect on this earth. There will always be bumps and turns that need to be fixed and life has to go on :)

despite the fact you were on the car, the information reach on our ears. Thanks!

Is it weird that I have all of those seven coins?

Thank you friends have various news and information in this steemit media. I really like your news until repeatedly times I read it never missed thanks @crypt0

All Alerts set. Buckled up & Prepared for liftoff!

Very good,and very likely bro the from usa

Ok-- Uhmmmmm..

nice to follow you here too bro! always helpful with your content.
go Crypt0, you are the best in the crypto space

Great car video yet again. Can't wait for the launch of EOS on June 2nd- lets hope it will be all we want and even more. I just wonder why Weiss would under rate a good crypto like electroneum- they will surely be shocked by its future performance...

Very good application for checking cryptocurrency and receive notifications