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Most crypto enthusiast talk about moon landings in Lamborghini's, but what if the moonshot was in a Combi (aka Kombi), I mean a Combi would drive better on the rocky moon surface, wouldn't it?..... Introducing todays Crypto Dividends Pick: CombiCoin + TRIA Token

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What is CombiCoin / TRIA Token?

Don’t have time to track the daily dips and spikes on the top traded crypto? CombiCoin could be for you. CombiCoin (by Triaconta) is a basket of the top 30 cryptocurrencies defined by market cap. This offering is similar to a traditional equity fund without the price manipulation and centralisation. At the time of its launch, all funds from the ICO will be spent into the top 30 cryptocurrencies at a ratio of 1/30. This will give CombiCoin diversification as well as a stable backing. Another one of the key features of this offering, is its dividend yielding model (discussed in detail below) . TRIA token is the sister of CombiCoin that will facilitate the dividend payouts.

CombiCoin Price Discovery Mechanism

Another really interesting aspect of the CombiCoin offering, is its price discovery mechanism. The trading price of the CombiCoin will be determined (via trading software algos) by the combined averages of its underlying assets (top 30 coins by marketcap). This feature should give the holders less volatility from accelerated dips while making the most out of the top 30 surges. Another positive effect with this mechanism is the assurance that owners can always sell their CombiCoin for a price close to the assets backing it.

Monitoring And Rebalancing Basket

The Triaconta team will be responsible for monitoring and rebalancing the basket in 2 monthly cycles. This will be done to ensure an even spread across the top 30. If one coin gains too much weight from a price surge, the team will likely spread this increase out, across all offerings. Re-balancing can take place before the 2 monthly cycle, should price movements on a particular currency be deemed aggressive.

The Most Exciting Feature – The Dividend Model

This is where the Triaconta team and its offering shine the brightest; the dividend earning mechanism. The team is currently developing trading software that will guarantee a controlled CombiCoin price while generating dividends from its ebbs and flows, this is how it will work:

Buy Order: If there is a buy order of a CombiCoin on exchanges that is more than the value of the top 30. The software will create and sell the CombiCoin and will buy the top 30 currencies automatically at the same time, generating profit for the TRIA token holders

Sell Orders: If there is a sell order of a CombiCoin on exchanges that is less than the value of the top 30. The software will buy the CombiCoin and sell the top 30 currencies automatically at the same time. The software will destroy the CombiCoin, generating profit for the TRIA token holders


Dividends are paid to TRIA token holders every month in ETH via smart contract.


There isnt a great deal of coins that gets me super excited;

  • sometimes I’m mildly interested
  • sometimes I'm keen, but only for a small amount
  • sometimes I'm happy to wait till it hits exchanges was the last offering that got me going all Big Kev with a “Im Excited”. Big Kev also crept back in while I was digging through Triaconta WP today.


I can't tell if it was the top 30 crypto basket that generates dividends, or the expected price growth we could see 1 year from now with the models price discovery from software auditing. But either way, after I finish posted this doc, i'll be shorting my terrible buy of Starta at a loss (I should've said no to the token burn :P) and getting myself in on the Triaconta Pre-ICO:

[Edit: this poor photographer will have to wait till ICO :P]

[Disclaimer: please do you own due diligence when investing and don’t solely take my point of view as the only angle. I highly recommend everybody dig through the projects bitcointalk, reddit and team linkedin profiles to help formulate your own opinion – I thank you so much for reading and wish you successful dividend returns]

Ryan Jorgensen | Stock Photographer | Blockchain Nerd
Twitter: @CryptoDividends
Crypto Dividends focuses on the niche blockchain business models that generate passive income without the need to sell or speculate. We seek to discover and promote the best dividend yielding cryptos.


Thanks as always for this great information.

Thanks Carlos, really appreciate the comment. Enjoy your weekend mate.

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